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s said ...
I also have pamphlets by our brother, all helpful ministry. He was one of the many servants of our Lord who fell foul of JT senior. He was greatly appreciated all over the USA during his active ministry.
Tuesday, Feb 22, 2022 : 06:02
J said ...
Just read The assembly in formation.
Readings and addresses in Melbourne April 1927.Excellent ministry.
Wednesday, Mar 9, 2022 : 04:08
Tom said ...
s, J .. would be glad to get scans of these pamphlets if possible.
Wednesday, Mar 9, 2022 : 14:53
Jack Sneddon said ...
Tom will send some items if you give me your current address. J
Thursday, Mar 10, 2022 : 03:25
J said ...
Tom, hope Frank Lock pamphlets have arrived safely. Jack
Monday, Mar 14, 2022 : 23:56

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