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Frederick Arthur Banks

Born: 1862
Died: 16th January 1887

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Frederick Arthur Banks - 1862 ~ 16th January 1887, age 25.
   Birth: Bacton, Herefordshire, England.
   Death: Ashburton, Devonshire, England.
Father: William Banks - 1833 ~ 1877.
Mother: Laura Seaborn - 1834 ~ 1875.
   Marriage in 1858.
Children of William & Laura:
   William Maurice Banks - 1859 ~
   Harry Seaborn Banks - 1869 ~ 1889.
Father's 2nd Wife:
   Charlotte Emma Adams - 1849 ~ 1936
   Marriage in 1872.
Children of William & Charlotte:
   Charles Ernest - 1875 ~
   Percy Edward - 2nd June 1876 ~ Sept. 1970.

FREDERICK ARTHUR BANKS was born in Ipswich in 1862.  His mother died when he was about ten years of age, and his father when he was about fifteen.  He was brought to the Lord in the Sunday School in connection with the Assembly in Ipswich through an honoured brother who is still alive.
After his conversion he made rapid strides in the ways that be in Christ and manifested a growing desire to make known the way of salvation.  Along with W. J. Nock, now labouring for the Lord in Belgium, who was converted about the same time, he used to visit the docks and streets of the town, also going to neighbouring race-courses, in order to distribute Gospel messages.  Along with other young men, he visited villages and hamlets around, and testified to the Gospel as the power of God unto salvation.  In his zeal, he used to write on the outside of envelopes such messages as "Postman, are you saved?"  "Where will you spend Eternity?" as well as pointed Gospel portions; he even went the length of interviewing the local Catholic priest, and talked with him about the Truth.
Such zeal was bound to find its way beyond a provincial town, and F. A. Banks soon found openings for his gift in many parts of England, then in Scotland and Ireland.  He commenced writing messages for the unsaved, many of which were first printed in The Herald of Salvation, then by-and by, as his ability became known, he was readily welcomed to Conference meetings, for addresses to believers, and Gospel services. Papers bearing the initials "F. A. B.'' found their way into The Witness and were valued, till just as he appeared to be acknowledged as a real gift to the Church, his health began to fail, necessitating two long sea voyages to the West Indies, where his wise words were much appreciated and where his little book on Baptism was first issued.
His public ministry cost him much time, thought, and prayer in its preparation, and many a sleepless hour after leaving the platform, yet it generally carried weight with it, and led to the exaltation of the Lord Jesus Christ and the edification of God's people. His lectures on the Epistle of James, on John's Epistles, &c., as well as his addresses on such special subjects as Politics, Women's Ministry, &c., will long be remembered by those who were privileged to hear them.  The chaste style, clear expression, apt illustration, and convincing power, backed up by the feeble frame, noble forehead, and flashing eye of the earnest speaker, left an impression not easily forgotten.
Constant travelling from place to place, and increasing calls upon his naturally weak body, compelling him to think of a fixed abode, at least for a time, led to his connection with The Publishing Office, Glasgow, but scarcely had he got settled there, when extreme weakness compelled him to wander abroad in search of the only thing he seemed to lackhealth.  This time he toured in France and Switzerland, but his strength gradually failed, and he came home to Ashburton, Devon, to die, passing to be for ever with the Lord whom he had loved, exalted, and served so well, on 16th January 1887.
His sympathetic heart was manifest in the loving care for his delicate younger brother Harry, whom he left behind, but who has also since joined the ransomed host. 
His favourite hymn, the last he publicly gave out in Scotland, "The Glory shines before me."   (Believer's Hymn Book, No.
263), and his last Gospel article, "I'm all right now," aptly describe his last days in Time and his forever in Eternity:

"The glory shines before me!
I know that all is well!
My Father's care is o'er me,
His praises I would tell.
The love of Christ constrains me,
His blood hath washed me white.
Where Jesus is the glory,
'Tis home, and love, and light!"
"The Believer's Pathway" 1902

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