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The Greatest Book in Literature.

by Frederick Edward Marsh

Binky said ...
All the pages are completely blank - looks like this is a common theme with the digital provider Bodleian Libraries - could be these works are not in the public domain or it could be that these files are corrupted or it could be that these files are laced with malware - down loaders beware. It might not be your fault - guessing it is not. But for someone new to the site like myself, this is a bit scary to see my browser downloading content that disappears when I open it. You have something great here - hopefully you will check the files before uploading them in the future. Kind of a bad testimony - cause for concern at the very least. A quick check of Google Books and the Internet Archive show almost none of these books available to be freely viewed. I guess thinking they were actually in the public domain was too good to be true. Don't misunderstand my words - I am grateful for what is available here and realize 10 years invested is a genuine labor of love. But if you intend to reach others with this great stuff, you should know the F.E. Marsh portion of the site is a mess. Prayers and best wishes for the ministry here - afraid I will not be recommending the site to our congregation.
Tuesday, Jun 7, 2022 : 08:38
Jonathan said ...
There is nothing wrong with any of these files which you suggest are corrupted or possibly 'laced with malware'. They all work fine. If there is a problem it is likely to be at your computer's end I'm afraid.
Friday, Jun 10, 2022 : 23:38
Rodger said ...
Opens without fault, using an iPhone 11 on two bars of LTE, out in the bush. What browser are you using?
Saturday, Jun 11, 2022 : 02:00
Syd said ...
In the mouth of two or three witnesses, shall every word be established. The files are fine. So the testimony of the site is good. I think you were a bit unkind and harsh BINKY.
Sunday, Jun 12, 2022 : 03:09

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