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Help for One who has not Peace; with Some Teaching for Those who Have.

by G. Winslow

Martin Arhelger said ...

Thank you for this one!

I have a catalogue by Horner about 1880 which says that this booklet was written by the author of "Six Tracts for Believers". These tracts were written by a certain "G. W." according to the same source. (A third book was also written by him, according to the Catalogue by Horner: "The Teaching of the Word of God as to Christian Servants").

I presume that "G. W." is "G. Winslow". Manchester has (parts of) his booklet "Communion of saints" in "Manchester Series of Tracts" which seems similar to the present one (see last page). A certain "G. Winslow " is also author of an article "The Way of Deliverance" in the Glanton magazine "Scripture Truth" 8 (1916), p. 242-244.


Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020 : 03:54
Tom said ...
Wednesday, Mar 4, 2020 : 16:05

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