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George Alfred Lucas

Born: 9th April 1893
Died: 28th September 1973

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Jack said ...
Our dear brother was cruelly withdrawn from in November 1954 at Hornsey as he took a stand on the word of God overagainst so called authoritative ministry.A well known brother closed that meeting in prayer saying that our brother had been arraigned before the highest court in the universe.What dreadful presumption.
Thursday, Nov 8, 2018 : 09:33
Jack said ...
Excercised brethren at the present time would be wise to read the assembly meeting notes in London for the withdrawal of our brother A J Brown and also the care meeting and assembly meetings at Hornsey where full notes were taken. All in 1954.
Thursday, Nov 8, 2018 : 09:39
Tom said ...
I've heard phrases like "the assembly is the highest court of appeal" used in my own circle of meetings. This of course by 'well esteemed brothers', and yet some of the same ones I also went on to witness on multiple occasions slandering, making false accusations etc, against others. Frankly I wish someone had taken legal action to show them that the assembly is not the highest court, and that actually the unbelieving world considers this type of behaviour 'abhorrent', even if the Brethren are quite comfortable with it.
Saturday, Nov 10, 2018 : 06:04
Jack said ...
G A Lucas born 1893 died 1973.Had brother Aubrey, a very good young man who had an early death.They both came from C of E to the brethren.George attended Park Street readings as a young man and often when brethren were unsure of the interpretation of a passage he would suggest if they read JND and gave them the volume number they would receive help.George was appreciated all over the British Isles as a teacher.However he was hindered from ministering abroad by Percy Lyon as he ministered what the Lord gave him and not James Taylor.
Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018 : 06:26
Rodger said ...
Has any of his ministry remained for us, Jack?
Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018 : 11:17
Tom said ...
Thanks for the details Jack. I can only see a brother named Albert tho?
Wednesday, Nov 14, 2018 : 18:56
Jack said ...
Thanks Tom my mistake Albert not Aubrey Jack.
Thursday, Nov 15, 2018 : 06:01
Jack said ...
Hello Roger a book by our brother entitled The Kingdom of God was publshed in 1966 and may be available second hand at either Chapter 2 or STP Crewe.As editor of a little magazine "Sound Words" for over 20 years from time to time ministry by our brother has been printed. As a boy of 12 I heard him minister at Airdrie in 1954.
Thursday, Nov 15, 2018 : 06:30
Rodger said ...
Thanks for the info, Jack. Can you please get my contact from Tom? I would interested to know more about Sound Words, etc.
Friday, Nov 16, 2018 : 01:56
Jack said ...
Hello Rodger will be very pleased to have your contact from Tom . J
Friday, Nov 16, 2018 : 02:41
Jack said ...
Hello Tom , Rodger has asked if you would pass his contact details to me.Many thanks Jack.
Friday, Nov 16, 2018 : 02:46
Tom said ...
Thanks Jack, I'll pass your email onto Rodger.
Best, Tom
Saturday, Nov 17, 2018 : 01:20
Rodger said ...
If someone has a copy of Lucas' book on the kingdom of God, I would be interested in buying it from you.
Sunday, Nov 18, 2018 : 00:46
Jack said ...
Hi Rodger glad that you have located a copy in USA sure you will find it helpful.J
Sunday, Dec 9, 2018 : 08:16
Jack said ...
Have come across two booklets of G A L published by Stow Hill Depots London Auckland Sydney New York and elsewhere around 1939.
Recovery to Spiritual Power
Vessels for the service of God..
Sunday, Jan 13, 2019 : 04:43
Jack Sneddon said ...
Additional hymn by GAL

Our God we raise to Thee a song of praise

Number 238 in 1951 and 1958 little flock hymn books.
Thursday, Apr 30, 2020 : 16:25
Steve said ...
Hi Jack Sneddon,

Are you related in any way to Alec Sneddon, who used to attend a small brethren meeting in Airdrie in the 1970's?

I have just looked up that wonderful hymn you mentioned - in our copy of the 1951 hymn book.

I am not familiar with the 1958 version.


Thursday, Apr 30, 2020 : 23:22
Paul Allison said ...
George Lucas was in our Ruston St. (Birmingham) meeting during the war years. He was a good preacher and played his grand piano with gusto. He loved the young people and had a good sense of humour. We all called him Papa Lucas He had no car so my father used to take him to the Wednesday night reading meeting. One winter night the car struck a patch of ice and GAL demanded to be let out - which he did. Later he bought a grey Standard 12 and taught himself to drive but no one would go with him. We missed him when he went back to Crouch End.
At one local reading meeting he gave a sit-down summary of the Book of Revelation whic his daughter Beryl took down in shorthand and it was later published by Stow Hill. Those were good days.
Saturday, Aug 7, 2021 : 07:05
Nick Fleet said ...
After GAL'S death his daughter Beryl became an ordained minister in the Methodist Church. His other daughter Margaret also wrote hymns which were included in the 1951 hymn book.
Sunday, Aug 8, 2021 : 21:47
Paul Allison said ...
Margaret was still at George Dixon Grammar School when they came to Birmingham and used to cycle there. She suffered terribly from migraine and was often absent from school. They lived at 8 Chad Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, a quite imposing detached residence.
George worked for the Ministry of Works in London but during the worst of the bombing many civil servants were evacuated to other centres farther north, and the Lucas family were such. After the war they returned home.
Monday, Aug 9, 2021 : 06:55
Rodger said ...

Thursday, Jan 6, 2022 : 10:27
Rodger said ...
Thursday, Jan 6, 2022 : 10:31
Jack Sneddon said ...
Hi Steve, just noticed your question to me a couple of years back. No I am not related to Alex Sneddon, Airdrie. I did know very well. He is with the Lord, a lot of years ago. His widow Margaret was 90 years old is now with the Lord. I was at her funeral some years ago. I was acquainted with the brethren in the small meeting in Airdrie and for a time enjoyed much happy fellowship with them. James Moodie and Alfred Wilson were there also. Jack
Monday, Jun 19, 2023 : 04:13
Jack Sneddon said ...
The story is told that Gal was at the local reading at Newport Mon during the war years, and the brethren were starting Joshua. The next week a local brother said "Where do we read tonight?" A brother said Judges we did Joshua last week. Jack
Monday, Jun 19, 2023 : 04:22
Jonathan said ...
As we are recounting anecdotes, it reminds me of one I either heard from the horse's mouth or one step removed by ENC - either way it is fairly reliable. Neil Short as a young man was required to go on a train journey with George Lucas, in which George Lucas spoke the entire way and Neil Short as the younger man said little or indeed nothing. Afterwards, George Lucas told a third party that he had enjoyed a wonderful train journey with a very intelligent young brother! :-)
Tuesday, Jun 20, 2023 : 18:15

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