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George Davison

Born: 29th December 1898
Died: 5th August 1977

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Syd said ...

Anything more known about this dear brother? 

More of his writings, being extracts from the "Precious Things" magazine, are available on STEM; also a little biographical note -

Monday, Jan 8, 2024 : 01:55
Nick Fleet said ...
George was a much-loved and respected Bible teacher among the Glanton brethren, oft-quoted and referred to by the older generation in Bible readings. There are few left who remember him now but his teaching lives on.

His son Donald went to be with the Lord just last year, I believe.

One anecdote I heard relates to the time F. A Hughes first came amongst Glanton brethren after leaving the London party in about 1949. He had been to Findochty (where George led the Bible readings at the Conference for many years) and had taken some meetings. However, the locals were a little worried about his London meeting background and some eyebrows were raised at some of his comments. So a local brother phoned George and explained his concerns. The conversation went something like this:
Local bro: "He [FAH] said .... .... .... ?"
George: "Yes, that's right"
Local: "and he said this ... ... ..."
George: "That's right"
Local: "and this ... ... ..."
George: "That's right"
Local: "Ah..., all right then."
And that was the end of that!
Monday, Jan 8, 2024 : 19:01
Syd said ...
Thanks Nick. FA Hughes' writings in "Precious Things" also on the STEM website.
Tuesday, Jan 9, 2024 : 03:04
Rodger said ...

There are a number of recordings of these two brothers on this website, if you didn't know already, Syd:

I also have scans of all of Precious Things, if you are interested; but I'm not the only one who frequents this site who does. 

Tuesday, Jan 9, 2024 : 11:02
Syd said ...
Thanks Rodger. No I didn't know of the recordings. I also take note of the availability of Precious Things.
Wednesday, Jan 10, 2024 : 21:49
David S said ...
George Davison was part of the Denmark Street meeting (now defunct) of the GB's for many years but had gone into full-time work in ministry amongst their meetings. When at home he lived in Heaton, Newcastle for many years with his wife Matty and son Donald. He was a 'leading figure' in annual conferences at Kilkeel, Northern Ireland with Fred Hughes for a number of years in the 1950's.
Sunday, May 26, 2024 : 18:05

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