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Tom said ...
Dates ?
Monday, Dec 24, 2018 : 23:18
Tom said ...
There are probably more periodical articles than the small number I've added. I found them searching for his name on the search page, but it's quite time consuming. If anyone is particularly interested in him and wants to find more of these, I can put them up too.
Monday, Dec 24, 2018 : 23:39
Timothy Stunt said ...

According to my notes, his dates are 1866-1942. Percy Ruoff produced The Spiritual Legacy of George Goodman (London 1949).  When my grandfather, William Stunt, who was three years younger, was enaged to be married in 1905, he asked George to be his Best Man.  According to an oft recounted family anecdote, the reply came in a succinct telegram: "Goodman will be Best Man."   Timothy Stunt

Tuesday, Dec 25, 2018 : 03:59
Tom said ...

I'm told Goodman's abridged edition of H P Liddon on the Divinity of our Lord is a good book, so would be glad to get a scan of this.

Wednesday, Dec 26, 2018 : 06:44
Jacquard Spivey said ...
Am looking for the title; "GREAT TRUTHS SIMPLY STATED", With illustrations by type and incident by George Goodman
Tuesday, Sep 15, 2020 : 23:59

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