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George Jesse Chesterman

Born: 27th March 1854
Died: 7th July 1941

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Marty said ...

George Jesse Chesterman - 27th March 1854 ~ 7th July 1941, age 87.
   Birth: Sheffield, Yorkshire, England.
   Marriage: 13th Nov. 1878 in Yeovil, Somerset, England.
   Occupation: Brethren Missionary, Spain.
   Death: Lukes Road, Bath, Somerset, England.
   Burial: Locksbrook Cemetery, Lower Weston, Bath.
Father: Ezekiel Bickham Chesterman - 9th Nov. 1823 ~ 19th Jan. 1891.
Mother: Anne Greaves Chesterman - 28th Apr. 1822 ~ 4th Mar. 1876.
   Married on 10th June 1848 in Townhead Baptist Chapel.
Fathers 2nd Wife: Eliza Tupman.
Wife: Elizabeth Payne - 22nd June 1852 ~ 30th Dec. 1934, age 82.
   (Sister of Henry Payne of Spain.)
   Rachel Greaves - 21st May 1886 ~ Dec. 1966, age 80.
   Olive Eliza - 16th May 1888 ~ 27th Feb. 1933, age 44.
   Jesse Claudia - 9th July 1891 ~ 21st Sept. 1927, age 36.

   Ezekiel James (M.A. Trevithick) - 29th Apr. 1849 ~ 4th June 1829.
   William Edward - Oct. 1852 ~ 12th Jan. 1854, age 1.
   William Thomas - 13th Jan. 1856 ~ 16th Jan. 1923, age 67.
   Sarah Anne - April 1857 ~ 4th March 1859, age 1.
   Mary Jane (J.C. Keir) - 4th May 1861 ~

Fallen Asleep.—July 7th, [1941] at Bath, GEORGE JESSE CHESTERMAN, aged 87.  Having been converted at the age of sixteen, he went to Spain six years later, commended from Bath, and for some time helped in Scripture distribution at Barcelona and other places.
In 1878, he married Miss Elizabeth Payne, sister of Mr. Henry Payne, of Barcelona, and in 1881 they settled at Coruna, where he laboured till his return to England with his wife and family in 1910, having served the Lord in Spain for thirty-four years.  Mrs. Chesterman was called Home in 1935, and two of their three daughters (Olive, more or less an invalid, and Jessie, a worker for some years in Spain) had predeceased her.  For the eldest daughter, Miss Rachel Chesterman, now alone, we ask the prayers of our readers.
"Echoes of Service" 1941

Fallen Asleep:
Dec. 30th, [1934] at Bath, ELIZABETH, wife of G. J. CHESTERMAN, late of Spain, aged 82. It is fifty-six years since they were married, and they laboured together in Spain until 1910, when they settled in England.  We commend her husband and only surviving daughter (who was with her mother at the end and is stili in England) to the prayers of our readers, and also her aged brother, Mr. H. Payne, of Barcelona, now the last survivor of a large family.
"Echoes of Service" 1935

Sunday, Feb 5, 2023 : 10:38
Marcos said ...
The assembly he and his wife took care for in the city of A Coruña, in the region of Galicia, in the northwest of Spain, still is alive. Two daughters of the Chestermans served the Lord in Linares, in the south of Spain, where their names are still remembered by the local Christians. The Chestermans were very faithful evangelists in a time of hard persecution and discrimination in Spain for being a Protestant
Monday, Feb 6, 2023 : 05:02
José Maria de Rus said ...
Jessie Claudia’s grave is at Linares. She died due to severe fever caused by an illness. At the Brethren Church in Linares we remember Rachel with so much love. We don’t know nothing about Olive except some books of his own we have in their library here at our church. Any information about his grave? Maybe he died at Linares?
Monday, Nov 27, 2023 : 05:35

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