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George Kenwrick

Born: 15th April 1851
Died: 9th January 1938

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George Kenwrick was an Architect and Surveyor and lived and worked for a time in Birmingham.  He married Mary Isabella Stevens (she was born 31 July 1851, possibly in Malvern (she was confirmed in Malvern Priory) and died 24 April  1917 aged 65, buried Coventry).  Married 8 December 1875,  Upton on Severn. He was apprenticed to Hilton & Thomas Vale (original); later Harry Vale (son of Thomas Vale) was apprenticed to George Kenwrick. He was a member of the Plymouth Brethren.
When Isabella died George and family packed up and went to Canada, selling the house and contents in Edgbaston Birmingham. He bought a large house in Cambridge.  When he returned he had a flat in London and then had a school in Twickenham run by his daughter.  He married Nellie Louisa Morgan (b c 1872 - d 9 January 1961) who had been nanny to his children and died in Felixstowe, Suffolk in 1938, aged 86 years. He is buried in Trimley St Mary, Suffolk with Nellie.
Interesting that his first wife’s gravestone should also bear his details.
Thanks to Robert Kenwrick, grandson of George's brother Charles Harry Kenwrick.

Marty said ...
George Kenwrick - 15th April 1851 ~ 9th January 1938, Age 86.
Birthplace: Worcester, Worcestershire, England.
Death: Felixstowe, Suffolk.
Burial: Trimley St Mary, Suffolk with Nellie Louisa Morgan, his 2nd wife.
(Is listed on Mary's gravestone at London Road Cemetery but is buried with his 2nd wife).

Father: William Kenwrick - 9th June 1823 ~ 18th February 1907, Age 83.
Mother: Rhoda Cooper - 1829 ~ 22nd March 1855, Age 26-27.
Died giving birth to Charles Harry Kenwrick.
Charles Harry - 22nd March 1855 ~ 5th December 1933, Age 78.
William - 1853 ~ 1925, Age 72-73.
Charlotte Rhoda Isabella - 7th January 1875 ~ 9th January 1960, Age 85.
Miriam Isabella (Yeo) - 10th January 1877 ~ 3rd January 1954, Age 76.
Frances Mildred (Mayo) - 16th January 1881 ~ 1969, Age 87-88.
Ruth - 28th September 1883 ~ March 1946, Age 62.
Leonard Percival - 28th September 1883 ~
Edith (Hart) - 8th March 1885 ~ 1961, Age 75-76.
Evelyn Emily - 25th November 1886 ~ 17th August 1971, Age 84.
Ruby (Daisy) Marguerite (Bagshaw) - 22nd December 1889 ~ 4th January 1977, Age 87.
Geraldine Joyce - September 1895 ~
Mildred Mary Elizabeth - 20th April 1909 ~
Muriel Rhoda (Railton) - 2nd November 1911 ~ January 1983, Age 71.

Wife: Mary Isabella Kenwrick (Stephens). - 31st July 1851 ~ 24th April 1917, Age 65.
Marriage: 8th December 1875.
Birthplace: Maldon, Worcestershire, England.
Death: Birmingham, West Midlands, England.
Burial: London Road Cemetery Coventry.
2nd Wife: Nellie Louisa Morgan - 1872 ~ 9th January 1961, Age 88-89.
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Michael Schneider said ...

Kenwrick was an ally of W.W. Fereday (cf. The Present Agitation) and therefore frequently attacked by Kelly in his letters (“indulging in bitter and malicious evil speaking for years up to the present”, “an unbroken soul and a bad tongue”, “violent and rowdy”). In 1900 he sent Kelly “a lawyer’s threat of writ for libel”, but dropped it. The last mention he gets in Kelly's letters is on 22 Nov 1901:

G.K. expected a speedy collapse from his withdrawal at Birmingham but the meeting on the contrary is better than for many years. The wife and daughters go to the Wesleyan chapel! he to church, dissent, and Quakers!! as bitter or more so than ever.

Sunday, May 31, 2020 : 20:20
C Gribben said ...
The Clapham Observer, 17 July 1897, describes Kenwrick as "a gentleman from Birmingham, whose knowledge of prophetic subjects is perhaps not surpassed by that of any other theologian of the present day," lecturing at the Brixton Hall with the aid of a "large coloured diagram, 30ft long by 17ft wide, intended as a pictorial summary" of Revelation. "It attracted special attention, and was viewed with much interest by many previous to the lecture during which Mr Kenwrick explained the different circles and parentheses marked thereon."

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