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George Wigram Neatby

Born: 10th February 1879
Died: 4th June 1958
Appears in Neatby / Miller / Doughty Family Tree

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Tom said ...
Interesting name!

Amazon lists two books he wrote

- The Meaning of Baptism and its Relation to Infants - 1932
- Judgment and Punishment in relation to the Unbeliever - 1903

Anyone know if he was part of Brethren or not?
Friday, Mar 3, 2017 : 20:24
Di said ...
He was a Church of England vicar - Wigram was after the PB of that name
Saturday, Mar 17, 2018 : 22:21
Timothy Stunt said ...
His second name is indeed interesting. The first three of his older brothers were given family names (Mossforth, MIller and Blair) as second names; the fourth brother was given the name of one of the early fathers (Augustine) and number five got a Brethren name. This was evidently not an uncommon practice. Edward Foley had a son named Frank Wigram Foley and Alfred Newton Harris (born c.1838) was brought up in the Ebrington Street meeting in Plymouth. Evidently favoured ministering Brethren were honoured in the nomenclature of children born into the assembly! Timothy
Monday, Mar 19, 2018 : 03:59
Samuel said ...
There was a boy at my school whose father was converted at meetings held by the late Harold Paisley. His youngest boy was given the names Harold Ian [Surname]. The two names being those of the two revered brothers Paisley.
Tuesday, Mar 20, 2018 : 21:30

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