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George William Bell

Born: circa 1880
Died: 1963

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Tom said ...
If anyone has anything else by G.W. Bell, I would like to get hold of copies.
Monday, Mar 11, 2013 : 15:41
Marty said ...
Some of his works:

Bell (George William) Bishops and deacons, oversight and service. (Wimborne, 1952.) 7p.

Bell (George William) Building to divine pattern, or "jerry-building" - which? Kilmarnock, J.Ritchie, [n.d.] [ii]+66p.

Bell (George William) Christian baptism and counterfeits. Kilmarnock, John Ritchie, 1936. 36p.

Bell (George William) Christian citizenship: the present world tendencies and the nature and principles of Christian testimony. Kilmarnock, J.Ritchie, (1936). 31p.

Bell (George William) Is "the Sermon" for the church? A criticism of a book entitled "Chapters on the sermon on the mount" (by...C.F.Hogg and J.B. Watson)...Foreword by W.Hoste. Kilmarnock, J.Ritchie, (1935). 30p.

Bell (George William) Partial rapture and resurrection, "a cunningly devised fable," contrasted with Scripture. [By] G.W. B[ell]. (Wimborne, 1952.) 11p. 8". With manuscript annotations and proprietary stamp of G.H. Lang.

Bell (George William) The publick baptism of infants. (Reprinted from "Assembly Testimony.") (Wimborne) [n.d.] 8p.

Bell (George William) Unauthorised divisions amongst the people of God: clergy and laity, and denominational names. Kilmarnock, J. Ritchie,[n.d.] 14p.
Monday, Dec 17, 2018 : 10:22

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