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Hugh Denoon Rushton Jameson

Born: 20th May 1874
Died: 6th May 1912

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Martin Arhelger said ...
In "Scripture Truth" 4 (1912) on page 177 the death of Jameson is mentioned and on page 206 are some details of his burial. So it is clear that Jameson fell asleep in the first half of the year 1912. In the account of his burial his first name is twice given as "Hugh".

So it is probable that he is the "Hugh D R Jameson" who died in April, May, or June 1912 (age: 37) according to

A "Hugh Denoon R Jameson" was born in April, May, or June 1874 in Tynemouth, Northumberland ( See also

The maiden name of Jameson's mother was Rushton, which wa probably the "R." in his name, see:

Hope this helps!
Friday, Feb 24, 2017 : 22:52
Tom said ...
Cheers Martin!
There is a little family tree on Ancestry to;
Saturday, Feb 25, 2017 : 13:15

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