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H. Ernest Marsom

Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown

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Martin Arhelger said ...
Echoes of Service 1953, p. 58: "March 26th, at Bristol, Henry Ernest Marsom, aged 82. Our beloved brother and his wife, after a business life in Exeter and later in Birmingham, came to Bath in 1920 to take control of a Home for prospective missionary sisters who, while there, attended Bible lectures by Mr. Vine and himself, and did medical mission work at Twerton under the supervision of Dr. T. Wilson-Smith. The six years thus spent at Bath were very fruitful and many, now in other lands, who spent a time under their roof, will never forget the influence of Mr. and Mrs. Marsom and the instruction they received in the Scriptures. When he left for Bristol in 1929 our brother still laboured in the Word until laid low by increasing loss of sight and physical weakness.

Echoes of Service 1959, p. 92: “April 20th, very suddenly, while on a visit to Exeter, Hettie Elizabeth, aged 84, the widow of Henry Ernest Marsom. Our sister and her beloved husband were absolutely one in their work for the Lord. The six years they spent together at Bath in the home for prospective missionaries were most fruitful.”
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