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Meditations on the Song of Songs

by Harry Friend

Tom said ...
H. Fawcett?
Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020 : 03:12
Martin Arhelger said ...

In Help and Food 47 (1929) there is a note about his departure on page 222-225: "A recent cable from England tells of the homegoing of one well known to many, and beloved, our brother Mr. Hughes Fawcett, who passed peacefully away on Friday, May 17, 1929, in his 72d year. No details of his illness have yet been received. Of robust constitution and tireless energy, his health seemed to fail during the past year, and there was manifest to those who knew him well, a loss of the vigor which had been so prominent a characteristic." etc.

There is more information about him on, also some scanned documents. See here: (=> born May 1858 in Ireland)


Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020 : 15:42
Martin Arhelger said ...

Fawecetts Wife was Susan nee Cathcart. Perhaps related to Martin Cathcart who published "Pure Streams" and was involved in the publication "Sound Words".


Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020 : 15:59
Tom said ...
I assume her father:
Martin Cathcart
BIRTH ABT 1820 • Ireland
DEATH 18 FEB 1888 • USA
Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020 : 17:07
Tom said ...
Her mother was an Annie E. Caldwell .. born in Ireland 1st Feb 1837. I don't know if any relation to John R. Caldwell born 2 years later tho.
Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020 : 17:20
Stephen said ...

This pamphlet I believe can also be found in The Christian’s Helper 1903(issued1902)-1905(issued 1904). Tom the same pamphlet(just by looking at the first page) seems to be listed in the Treasury of Truth section of your website and is attributed to Harry Friend.

Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020 : 20:34
Tom said ...
Was there any reason Martin to assign it to Fawcett?
Tuesday, Mar 24, 2020 : 23:03
Martin Arhelger said ...

To be honest, the only reason which I had to ascribe it to Fawcett is a pencil note in my edition of "Song of Songs". But Greg's link proves that "Harry Friend" is the true Author: "Readers will have known our brother best through his acceptable service in connection with. 'The Christian's Helper,' and his 'Meditations on the Song of Songs' — a very choice contribution" (page 159).
Sorry for the confusion!

Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020 : 01:30
Greg said ...
Hi Martin.

Strangely enough, for a long time I also thought it was Hughes Fawcett - although I have no idea why. But I also have no idea who told me it was Harry Friend. After I saw your post I thought it was worth double-checking.

I'm thankful for what you've uncovered about Hughes Fawcett. (So this was a worthwhile mistake.) It would be nice if this leads to any further details about Martin Cathcart, Sound Words, and the spread of the work in North America in the late 1800s.

Wednesday, Mar 25, 2020 : 06:08

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