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Henry Chisholm Anstey

Born: 17th May 1843
Died: 9th March 1922

Birth Location
East Budleigh, Devon, England

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

According to census records, Anstey was probably born at Otterton (Devon) in 1843. (See particularly the 1881 Census; Otterton is also mentioned in 1851, 1871 and 1911; the 1901 Census says "Atterton", but that's probably a transcription error; the 1891 Census says "East Budleigh", which is a neighbouring village.) The estimated birth year varies between 1841 and 1844, but perhaps he was the Henry Anstey whose birth was registered at St. Thomas (Devon) in the second quarter of 1843.


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His last will:


Anstey with family:



Henry himself:


His wife:





Tom said ...
The above is interesting as generally HCA has been refered to as Herbert C and not Henry C, e.g. see MyBrethren and
I wonder how this mistake came in?
Friday, Dec 16, 2016 : 01:08
Greg said ...
I've attached an extract that indicates his nickname was Harry. (A page from Tidings of Light and Peace Vol.19.)
Monday, Apr 24, 2017 : 11:07
Andrew said ...
The Needed Truth leaflet has a list of other titles by the author - including some not already in the above list: does anyone have any of them?!
Friday, Sep 10, 2021 : 16:48

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