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The Year 1986


by H. L. Rossier

Martin Arhelger said ...

This is not by H. L. Rossier, a least it is not the commentary he wrote in French (see here) and the English translation is here.

Monday, Aug 8, 2022 : 23:46
Tom said ...
I was going by this .. assume you think they are wrong. If it was HL, I would have thought it would have been easier to affirm.
Monday, Aug 8, 2022 : 23:53
Syd said ...
At the end of the book it states: "Translated from the French as it appeared in 'Messager Evangelic' 1896. Author unknown." The translator was J.W. Roossinck. In the Addendum he writes: " A few remarks by the translator may be permissible, while reflecting that the foregoing ministry on this delightful little volume of Esther was given nearly one hundred years ago."

The hundred years from when it was translated (?), doesn't rule out HL Rossier (1835-1928). So this commentary was also in French. It has a different structure than the other, but no reason to doubt that it's from HL.
Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022 : 00:44
Pierre-Eric said ...
This text appeared in the Messager Evangélique in 1896.
At this time, the names (or initials) of the authors were not mentionned in the Messager Evangélique.
H. Rossier's Meditations on the book of Esther appeared in the Messager Evangélique in 1913 - 1914, and were published in book form this same year (1914). I do not think that he is the author of the the 1896 book on Esther. As far as I know, it has never been published under his name.
Of course, this does not affect the interest of this text.
Friday, Aug 19, 2022 : 20:59

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