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Henry Anthony Hammond

Born: 12th June 1829
Died: 5th December 1910

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Greg said ...
Henry A. Hammond middle name Anthony, born 1829 died 1910
Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019 : 23:38
Timothy Stunt said ...

Although H.A. Hammond is known among Brethren as the man in whose Bournemouth home, JND died, and who edited a volume of JND’s hymns, his early career is less well known. The Hammond family had owned St Alban’s Court, Nonington, Kent, (midway between Canterbury and Dover) since 1555, and it was here that Henry Anthony Hammond [1829-1910], the youngest son of William Osmund Hammond, was born. He was educated at Eton College and Merton College, Oxford where he graduated BA in 1852, and MA in 1854. He was ordained as a deacon (1853) and as a priest (1854) by the Bishop of Oxford and served as a curate in Buckinghamshire and Southborough, on the outskirts of Tunbridge Wells. One of his brothers was killed in the Crimean War; another, the Rev. Egerton Douglas Hammond, assisted at HAH’s wedding in 1861 to Catherine Charlotte Deacon. From 1863 to 1867 he served as the Perpetual Curate of Holy Trinity, Dover during which time he compiled Our National Temperance Hymn and Song Book with Recitations for Adults and Children. The circumstances of his secession from the Church of England appear to be unrecorded but the otherwise well-informed account of the Hammond family and their estate in Nonington. makes absolutely no mention of HAH. See . Timothy Stunt

Tuesday, Dec 7, 2021 : 06:14
Samuel said ...
Wm Hoste was brought up at Dover, in an Evangelical Anglican family. I have been wondering whether the family knew Rev HA Hammond, during his years as Perpetual Curate of Holy Trinity Dover?
Here and there in Hoste's writings there are hints that he knew some Exclusive Brethren on very cordial terms who had even thought of asking him to do some evangelistic outreach with them (something that WH turned down as being inconsistent with their official stand).
Tuesday, Dec 7, 2021 : 20:00
Marty said ...

Henry Anthony Hammond - 12th June 1829 ~ 5th December 1910.
   Birth: Nonington, Kent, England.
   Marriage: On 3rd January 1861 at Southborough, Kent.
   Death: Bournemouth, England.
Wife: Catherine Charlotte Deacon - 25th Jan. 1832 ~ 14th Nov. 1899.
   Harry Deacon - 8th June 1862 ~ 6th June 1870.
   Katherine Mary - 1865 ~ March 1897.
   Dorothy Egerton - 1870 ~ 1959.
    Lt. John Maximillian (J.M. Ord) - 1876 ~ 15th Mar. 1917. (WW1)
Father: William Osmund, Esq. - 26th Apr. 1790 ~ 8h Feb. 1863.
Mother: Mary Graham Oxenden - 8th May 1794 ~ 25th Sept. 1870.
   Married on 15th July 1815 in St. Albans Court, Kent.
   Mary Elizabeth - 5th July 1816 ~ 8th October 1867.
   William Oxenden - 22nd Dec. 1817 ~ 17th April 1903.
   Charlotte Anna Maria - 29th Aug. 1819 ~ 8th Oct. 1902.
   Rev. Egerton Douglas (E.K. Whitmore) - 26th June 1822 ~ 10th Mar. 1897.
   Maximillian Montagu (A.R. Pennington) - 6th May 1824 ~ 8th Sept. 1855.
     (Captain in the 2nd Battalian Rifle Brigade. Killed in Crimea.)
   Fanny Anne Charlotte - 1826 ~ 28th March 1830.

Monday, Mar 13, 2023 : 04:12

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