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Henry Cummins

Born: circa 1846
Died: 11th June 1891

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Marty said ...
FALLEN ASLEEP. — At Wishaw, June 11th, [1891, age 45], HENRY CUMMINS, of Bow, North Devon. His almost incessant toil in preaching and teaching was brought to a close after a very brief illness. At a tea-meeting on June 6th, he had spoken of the Lord's coming as the sure "anchor of the soul," and of death being but a falling asleep should we not remain till then, adding that while we look upon death as separating friends, we do not so look upon sleep. These words were comforting to his wife [Elizabeth] and three daughters [Edith Maria, Louisa Frances, Elizabeth Florence], to his aged father [John] and other relatives, to whom the tidings of his departure came very unexpectedly. For more than twenty years, he with a fellow labourer and encouraged North Devon assemblies, to make an annual United offering for the Lord's work, as many of our readers will remember.
“Echoes of Service” 1891
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