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Henry D'Arcy Champney

Born: 1854
Died: 5th September 1942

In 1932, with Michael Kavanagh and D’Arcy Leishing, at Weymouth where H D'A C used to preach on the beach.
With (left to right), Percy Hall, Eric McNair and Edgar Hall

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Heather Biggs said ...
I am trying to locate a copy of Mr Champney's book of hymns entitled "Hymns for Hearth and Home. Can you help?
Wednesday, Jul 5, 2017 : 17:06
Tom said ...
It's not uncommon .. they get them occasionally in the Chapter Two second hand department, so that would be first place worth trying. Also add a saved search on ebay maybe, and one should come up before too long.
Friday, Jul 7, 2017 : 12:52
I'm Peter D'Arcy Champney said ...
I'm Henry's grandson (b.1922) and son of John D'Arcy Champney. I'm interested in anything about my grandfather. I already know what Alastir Crowley wrote about him, but I only kew him as a kindly old man (but very dedicated Plymouth Brother.
Monday, Sep 23, 2019 : 06:42
Jonathan said ...
Given Aleister Crowley's own character I wouldn't personally rely on his character assessment of others. The content of H D'A C's hymns rather bear out your own experience of him.
Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019 : 04:35
Tom said ...

I agree, though Crowley's remarks are worth reading (about Champney's school) as they are one of the few insights into 'social life' of Brethren that you can find. It probably would not be advisable for me to post them here, though his autobiography can be found on the online in many places. The relevant pargraph starts,

The Revd. H. d'Arcy Champney, M.A. Of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, had come out of sect. He had voted at the parliamentary elections by crossing out the names of the candidates and writing, "I vote for King Jesus." He had started a school for the sons of Brethren at 51 Bateman Street, Cambridge

Tuesday, Sep 24, 2019 : 20:37
Betty said ...

I believe Mr Champney was my father's cousin. I don't know anything more about him but did know one of his daughters, Phoebe, a little - I assume she was Peter's aunt. If he would like to be put in touch with me, I would be happy for that.

Sunday, Feb 7, 2021 : 23:04
Angela Hewer said ...
I have just come across Betty's contribution that Mr Champney was her father's cousin. and she says that she knew his daughter Phoebe. I am the daughter of Phoebe and I would be pleased if Betty would like to get in touch with me.
Thursday, Mar 25, 2021 : 04:01
Betty said ...
Angela - I have only just seen your comment and would be delighted to be in touch with you. Do email me on
Wednesday, Nov 3, 2021 : 23:41
Jack said ...
Add to H D A Champany

The morning after the Crystal Palace fire our brother was told before breakfast staying at a brother's house.. On hearing this news said "I was asking the Lord to blow on the whole arrangement. The Lord truly answered his prayer.
I have interesting other information about our brother's movements on the Continent.
Friday, Mar 4, 2022 : 05:34
Tom said ...
Hi Jack, I've moved your comment here .. please feel free to add or send me anything else you might have. Tom
Friday, Mar 4, 2022 : 16:57
J said ...
Our dear brother served extensively in Germany. He was in Konigsberg and on his departure by train after his visit, the sister he had lodged with asked him what he would eat during his long journey. He produced a small packet of toast and said this is enough.
He also often visited the brethren at Quotshausen Hessen. At that time most of the brethren lived on small farms. He stayed often at the home of the parents of Heinz Ludwig Graf now 90 and he called it his little hotel. What a contrast to A E Myles who would not stay in so small circumstances but preferred the congenial
Monday, Apr 4, 2022 : 04:58
Jonathan said ...
I was interested to come across this update on Henry's grandson Peter, who contributed to this thread back in 2019. Peter reached his centenary in November 2022!
Sunday, Jan 15, 2023 : 21:43
Jacksneddonjack@hotmail.ccom said ...
HDAC preached in Hessen at the gates of little factories in German as the workers finished their shifts. It was reported of him at the holiday season at Weymouth he did not attend the local preaching which was well attended by many visitors, but went along the beach speaking to individuals about the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory. J
Sunday, Nov 26, 2023 : 05:54
Martin Arhelger said ...

Be not deceived: Champney (HDAC) absorbed, copied and taught the wrong and bad teachings of James Taylor senior (JT). I will give only two examples where JT and HDAC were together and HDAC did not contradict JT but supported him:

J. Taylor: . . .The name of God to which we are baptised is that of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit; Matthew 28:19. But this order could not be applied in absolute deity. It indicates simply that two of the Persons have taken a relatively inferior position in view of revelation.

H.D'A.C.: And we have not the right to reverse the order and say: The Spirit, the Son and the Father.

J.T.: It is evident that we could not do that. In the New Testament the Son takes a position of inferiority, for example when He says: "I cannot do anything of myself", John 5:30.

(Ministry of JT, vol. 38, p. 11 - Stow Hill Edition)


H.D'A.C.: The word Only-begotten has always baffled the saints because of the word "begotten".

J.T.: Now that attention has been called to it, and the truth made clear {JT is speaking of his false doctrine of non-eternal Sonship}, I do not think it baffles spiritual persons.

H.D'A.C.: Through the help the Lord has given difficulties disappear.

J.T.: They do. An "only-begotten" necessitates a father, and a certain relative inferiority in the person who is designated as the only-begotten.

(Ministry of JT, vol. 34, p. 107)



Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023 : 03:10
Mark Best said ...

I have commented elsewhere on H.D'A.C.'s support for J.T.Snr.'s notion that Christ came into the Father's bosom at incarnation, and have there shown their misuse of the Greek preposition, 'eis', dragged in supposedly as proof. However, the fault lay in the system. 

By the 1920s J.T. had come into prominence and was given so great a place of authority among those known as "London" brethren that all had to accept the "new light" he was promulgating. Either that or leave, and who would thereby want to suffer the disgrace? Sadly, therefore, many chose to stay and fall into line with J.T.'s teaching. The notion of an elect vessel in the recovery of the truth has led into that which has now become the PBCC, and those who have come out need to examine when things really went wrong, and it was well before J.T.Jnr. was given the position. 

The error is in confounding the verb 'to beget' or 'to be begotten' with the adjective 'only begotten' which also in places might be considered a noun. This was a distinction made by J. N. Darby, F. W. Grant, and I cautiously add, F. E. Raven, as also similarly the way in which they regarded Christ as the Son of God born in time on earth in contradistinction to Him in His Eternal Sonship. 

Please read Mr Darby on Psalm 2 verse 7, the verses at the end of Matthew 1, verses in the middle of Luke 1, and the opening verses of Hebrews 1 in the ‘Synopsis’. 

As the Eternal Son, the Lord Jesus Christ is co-equal with the Father. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are the three Persons in the Godhead, the Holy Trinity, the Triune God. On this we cannot compromise. 

Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023 : 19:46

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