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Does anyone have any biographical information on H.F.B.?

From the Census records it appears he moved about quite a bit. He was living in Lee near Blackheath in the 1890s and is referenced at the meeting there in one of the W.W.F. items. He edited the "Faithful Words for Yound and Old" periodical, and his books seem to have been well recived, being reviewed in such places as "Footsteps of Truth", and "The Believer's Magazine".

He ran a stationery and printing business;

MESSRS. WITHERBY & Co. conduct one of the oldest London 
printing and stationery businesses wherein the direct line of 
succession in the proprietorship has been continued uninter- 
ruptedly from the foimder's time. Their records date back 
to the year 1740, when Thomas Witherby, ancestor of the 
present principals, estabUshed the business. His sons, George 
and Walter, succeeded him, and were followed in due course 
by Henry Forbes Witherby, son of George Witherby. To-day 
the firm consists of Mr. Harry Forbes Witherby and Mr. 
George Witherby,' who are sons of the above-named Henry 
Forbes Witherby, and thus represent the fovurth successive 
generation of their family in the control of what has long 
ranked as a typical undertaking of its kind. Specialising in 
law and cominercial stationery, for which they have always 
been_^ noted, Messrs. Witherby & Co. have likewise a high 
reputation for fine-art printing, their colour work being widely 
and favourably known. For this department they have an 
admirably organised factory at 326, High Holborn. There 
are also branches at 63, Coleman Street, E.C, and 2 and 3, 
West Street, Finsbury. In the course of their exceptionally 
long career the firm have developed extensive and valuable 
connections, of a character attesting the confidence with which 
they are regarded in both legal and commercial circles. Their 
mterests have, in fact, become ahnost world-wide, large con- 
tracts for stationery being undertaken for customers in such 
distant quarters of the globe as the Argentine RepubUc and 
other South American States, while the firm's colour printing 
IS in strong demand in America and several of the oversea 
domimons, notably AustraUa. To the administration of the 
business the present principals bring high quaUfications, and 
the firm s chents at home and abroad appreciate the fact that 
their reqmrements are assured of expert attention. Tele- 
phones : Avenue 836 ; Holborn 92. Telegrams : " Witherby 

The company is still going today, see

Did he continue in the Meetings til his death?

Interesting he is buried in a Church of England churchyard, St John the Baptist, in Burley in the New Forest.



He turned his hand to art as well;

His son Harry became quite famous for studies on Birds.

Scans of his other books would be appreciated if anyone has these. BTP have some more works in text form on their site.

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