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Dr. Henry Grattan Guinness, M.D.

Born: 2nd October 1861
Died: 25th May 1915

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Family of Dr. Henry Grattan Guinness, M.D.
2nd October 1861 ~ 25th May 1915

Wife:  Annie Reed  April 1865 ~ March 1933.
    Married on 17th March 1887.

Annie Geraldine Theodora Guinness  1st June 1888 ~ 27th May 1981.
    Married Ian Finlayson Mackenzie on 6th July 1909 at Tower Hamlets, London.
Rev. John Frith Grattan Guinness  17th December 1889 ~ 11th January 1976.
    Married Helen Ursula Back on 16th February 1915 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
    Rector of Starston, Norfolk.
John Henry Reed Grattan Guinness  10th August 1891 ~ 13th September 1953.
    Married Joan Richards Badgery on 12th November 1935.
Alexander Fitzgerald Grattan Guinness, M.D.  20th August 1893 ~ 1968.
    Married Inez Anita Charriol in March 1916 in London.
Margaret Evelyn Guinness (Meg)  22nd January 1896 ~ 21 December 1898.
Victor Noel Guinness  25th December 1898 ~ 22nd July 1982.
    Married Frieda Lilian Nutt on 8th July 1925.
Ruth Eileen Guinness  15th April 1900 ~ 15th January 1982.
    Married Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher on 26th April 1917 at Dartford, Kent.
Rev. Gordon Meyer Guinness  1st April 1902 ~ 17th February 1980.
    Married Grace Elizabeth Bewes on 12th September 1935.
    Rector of St. John's, Tunbridge Wells.
Rev. Howard Wyndham Guinness  22nd November 1903 ~ 28th July 1979.
    Married Barbara Joy Green on 18th April 1939.
    Rector of St. Barnabas, Broadway, Forest Lodge, N.S.W.
Rev. Robert Desmond Guinness  30th August 1905 ~ March 1994.
    Rector of St. John's, Bedford.

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