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Dr. Henry Grattan Guinness, M.D.

Born: 2nd October 1861
Died: 25th May 1915

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Dr. Harry Grattan Guinness.— The death of Dr. Harry Guinness in the fulness of his prime comes as a heavy loss to the Church of God and as a personal sorrow to an unusually large company of friends.  Physically, mentally, and spiritually, he was a noble specimen of manhood, and his charming and affectionate personality made him a great inspirational force wherever he moved.  He excelled in so many departments of Christian service that it is not easy to single out one above another, yet to us, his advocacy of the missionary cause naturally takes the first place.  To all the members of his family, to Mrs. Howard Taylor his sister, and to Dr. G. Whitfield Guinness, his brother, both members of the C.I.M., we tender our deepest and heartfelt sympathy.  In these days, when so many brave and noble men are passing from us, we the more earnestly pray that He who of old gave gifts to His Church in the person of apostles and prophets, may still continue to bestow His gracious gifts among us now.
“China’s Millions” 1915

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Family of Dr. Henry Grattan Guinness, M.D.
2nd October 1861 ~ 25th May 1915

Wife:  Annie Reed  April 1865 ~ March 1933.
    Married on 17th March 1887.

Annie Geraldine Theodora Guinness  1st June 1888 ~ 27th May 1981.
    Married Ian Finlayson Mackenzie on 6th July 1909 at Tower Hamlets, London.
Rev. John Frith Grattan Guinness  17th December 1889 ~ 11th January 1976.
    Married Helen Ursula Back on 16th February 1915 at Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.
    Rector of Starston, Norfolk.
John Henry Reed Grattan Guinness  10th August 1891 ~ 13th September 1953.
    Married Joan Richards Badgery on 12th November 1935.
Alexander Fitzgerald Grattan Guinness, M.D.  20th August 1893 ~ 1968.
    Married Inez Anita Charriol in March 1916 in London.
Margaret Evelyn Guinness (Meg)  22nd January 1896 ~ 21 December 1898.
Victor Noel Guinness  25th December 1898 ~ 22nd July 1982.
    Married Frieda Lilian Nutt on 8th July 1925.
Ruth Eileen Guinness  15th April 1900 ~ 15th January 1982.
    Married Sir Ronald Aylmer Fisher on 26th April 1917 at Dartford, Kent.
Rev. Gordon Meyer Guinness  1st April 1902 ~ 17th February 1980.
    Married Grace Elizabeth Bewes on 12th September 1935.
    Rector of St. John's, Tunbridge Wells.
Rev. Howard Wyndham Guinness  22nd November 1903 ~ 28th July 1979.
    Married Barbara Joy Green on 18th April 1939.
    Rector of St. Barnabas, Broadway, Forest Lodge, N.S.W.
Rev. Robert Desmond Guinness  30th August 1905 ~ March 1994.
    Rector of St. John's, Bedford.

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