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Herbert John Gill

Born: 28th April 1867
Died: 26th August 1938

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Tom said ...

Mybrethren gives the dates as; 1867.00.00 Herbert Gill b. – d. 1938

If I have the right person then he migrated to Canada in 1885.

Monday, Mar 16, 2020 : 17:47
Andrew Burr said ...
He put on an immigration card that he emigrated in 1884. He was brought up in Yorkshire - the family migrated from Anglican to Baptist to brethren. He settled and married in Winnipeg; and yes, he died in 1938. He was at first a clerk and then a court reporter, but seems to have gone into preaching full time.
Monday, Apr 12, 2021 : 21:43
Tom said ...

Thanks Andrew.

At least one user has expresed to me a desire to see more pamphlets by H.Gill on the website, if anyone has anything.

Thursday, Apr 15, 2021 : 00:16
Greg said ...
Just uploaded "The Rights of God in Mercy". I thought it was worth scanning so that others might enjoy it as much as I did.
Thursday, Nov 17, 2022 : 13:18
Marty said ...
Herbert John Gill - 28th April 1867 ~ 27th August 1938.
Burial: Mountain View Cemetery, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Father: Thomas Gill - ~ 1910
Mother: Mary Ellen Horseman -
Wife: Marian Louise Davey - 28th June 1864 ~ 22nd Oct. 1950.
Married on 2nd September 1891.
Nora Marian Stone - 28th Aug. 1892 ~ 11th Sept. 1974.
Ella Leslie - 9th Oct. 1894 ~ 3rd March 1987.
Baby Girl Gill - 29th March 1903 ~ 29th March 1903.
Herbert Geoffrey Gill - 9th April 1904 ~ 18th Nov. 1982.
Twin Boys Gill - 31st July 1907 ~ 1st August 1907.

From a letter to P. Lyon from James Taylor dated 29th August 1938.
“Mr. H. Gill fell asleep -- on the 27th [1938] inst. Burial tomorrow. I have no details save that Geoffrey telegraphed that his father had 'passed away peacefully', with particulars as to burial, etc., also that his mother was 'well sustained'. Our brother had remarkable ability in preaching and in his earlier days worked hard, being blessed of God; but always marked by personal friendships and singularly wanting in crises.”
From James Taylor to A. J. Gardiner dated 19th September 1938
“. . . He suffered much in his head, but nearing the end, he was peaceful. . .”

Friday, Nov 18, 2022 : 03:59
Rodger said ...
Is anyone able / willing to elaborate on this criticism about HJG having “personal friendships”? Max Weremchuk brings this up (decrying close friendship) as characteristic of “brethren,” on page 12 of “You Ran Well…”

Has there historically been a line of teaching about this?
Friday, Nov 18, 2022 : 09:21
Syd said ...
There can be no doubt that there were “close friendships” among those early brethren. Isn’t this biblical? Weremchuk’s comment that, “In reality Darby and Kelly were NOT such close friends as some would like to believe” can be challenged. From Darby’s letters, a close friendship is apparent. Darby had some dear, personal words to express his friendship with Kelly. Towards the end of his life, Darby refers to himself as an “emeritus” when addressing Kelly—a lovely reminder of Paul and Timothy. How touching from Darby—“Peace be with you and nearness to Jesus, dear brother.”
Saturday, Nov 19, 2022 : 02:36

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