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Thomas Haweis

Born: 1st January 1733
Died: 11th February 1820

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

There is some doubt about his year of birth.  Some sources give 1 Jan 1733 (and baptised 18 Feb), others give the year as 1732 or 1734.  However, the monumental tablet in Bath Abbey records his age at death on 11 Feb 1820 as 87 which would be consistent with the year 1733.

Ronald G Larson said ...
Google has prevented me from using my email until I buy more data.
I have a Believers Hymn Book from Pickering & I Inglis LTD
Printed before WW2.
The happy morn has come!
Number 268
It is in the index of first lines.
Author is given as Thomas Haweis.
I am using an Huawei mobile phone.
Was he a missionary to China?
Saturday, Apr 13, 2024 : 05:19
Timothy Stunt said ...
He wasn't a missionary but he was an Anglican clergyman [1734-1820] who was also a founder of the London Missionary Society. Timothy Stunt
Saturday, Apr 13, 2024 : 21:34
Samuel said ...
Arthur Skevington Wood drew attention to Haweis and Milner's Church History (There was a copy of this work in my Grammar School library) thus "His Church History, despite its many defects, is noteworthy for its unusual purpose, shared by Joseph Milner, of tracing the true, spiritual and Evangelical Church amidst the manifold historical distortions of primitive Christianity". I found it to be an engaging book to read and of warm evangelical tone. I still recommend it.
Monday, Apr 15, 2024 : 02:01

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