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William Butty

Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown

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Tom said ...

Wrote hymn 119 in the Beliver's Hymn Book .. I don't think Brethren, but any more info on him?


118 From Salem’s gates advancing slow




  1. FROM Salem’s gates advancing slow,
       What object meets my eyes,
    What means that majesty of woe,
       What mean those mingled cries?
  2. Who is the man that groans beneath 
       The pond’rous Cross of wood,
    Whose soul’s oppressed with pangs of death,
       And body bathed in blood?
  3. Is this the man! Can this be He
       The prophets have foretold,
    Should with transgressors number’d be,
       And for my crimes be sold? 
  4. Yes, now I know, ’tis He, ’tis He, 
       E’en Jesus, God’s dear Son,
    Wrapt in mortality to die, 
       For crimes that I have done.
  5. Ah, lovely sight! A heavenly form
       For sinful souls to see,
    I’ll creep beside Him as a worm,
       And see Him die for me.

    [optional chorus]
    Oh, the blood of Jesus,
    The precious blood of Jesus,
    Oh, the blood of Jesus,
    It cleanseth from all sin.

William Butty

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020 : 16:52

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