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William Harrison

Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown

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Tom said ...

Wrote 57 in the Believer's Hymn Book, any more info?

57 Blessed God of Glory



  1. Blessèd God of Glory, 
       Here our hearts would bow; 
    Grateful, we adore Thee,
       Thankful, praise Thee now 
    For Thy Son eternal,
       Who, revealed in time, 
    Showed Thy Love supernal, 
       In His grace sublime.
  2. Here, that holy Stranger
       We would contemplate, 
    Who, in yonder manger,
       Lay in low estate, 
    Earthly pomp and splendour
       From Him far removed: 
    What He did surrender 
       Mightiest Love has proved.
  3. Living for Thy pleasure,
       Telling out Thy grace, 
    Love, in boundless measure,
       Reached the lowest place. 
    That, with Him victorious,
       We should thus be found 
    In this service glorious 
       Where our joys abound.
  4. Hearts and voices blending,
       Joyfully we raise 
    Through Thy Son ascending
       Sacrifice of praise.
    He Thy heart’s chief treasure,
       Theme of themes so sweet;
    Here Thou findest pleasure, 
       Perfect and complete.

William Harrison

Tuesday, Nov 17, 2020 : 16:58

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