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Signposts on Life's Way

by Inglis Fleming

Dafydd apMorgan ap Thomas ap Davies Caermyrddin said ...
My copy is Green Cover.
Purchased sometime between 1900 and 1936.
In 1936 was passed to a daughter (my wife) as a gift.
She passed it to her sister in 1948.
The mother kept the book and passed it to her grandchildren (my children) in the 1970s.
I became a chirsitian as a young boy through the witness of my wifes father.
It was then we discovered that my mother had been converted through his witness in 1930.
I am passing it on to a second niece as am not sure whether she is Christian or 'churchian'.
I was just going to spend time scanning the book and discovered your pdf.
Thank you.
p.s. how blind is our country, how great is our need, how weak are the 'churches', how Revelation is flashing its warning lights.
what did you quietly ask ? - I am 83 years of age, and 72 years resurrected !

Monday, May 8, 2023 : 18:46

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