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Greg said ...
He's in the 1880 list of meetings as one of the contacts for Barnsley.
His address is given there as:
The Hawthorns, Locke Park.

He was also responsible for The Book of Numbers in the New Testament, Belfast 1904.
Tuesday, Apr 28, 2020 : 15:36
John said ...
There was a Mr Doughty at Hoyland Common Glanton meeting (just south of Barnsley) until it closed in the late 1970s. One wonders if there is a connection.
Tuesday, Apr 28, 2020 : 20:21
Tom said ...
"The Book of Numbers in the New Testament, Belfast 1904." Isn't that the one that became like gold-dust a couple years ago as everyone in the PBCC suddenly wanted a copy
Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020 : 00:35
Greg said ...
Other items to look for:
Title Pages Date Publisher
The Divine Hand 15p nd J Hicks, Belfast
The Moral Character of Christianity; As Brought to Pass and Embodied in Christ as the Head, and Expressed in the Church Which is His Body; Notes of Addresses at Streatham 36p nd G Morrish, London
Privilege and Responsibility in Christianity 48p nd J Hicks, Belfast
Spiritual Progress 24p nd Stow Hill
Jehovah Jesus.The heavenly family. Assembly administration 64p nd Stow Hill

Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020 : 20:05
Greg said ...
... and a few more:
* Divine Goodness
* A Word of Counsel for the Present Moment
* The Divine Way of Unity
* Unity in Service
Wednesday, Apr 29, 2020 : 20:41
Tom said ...
Thanks John, I think I have the "The Book of Numbers ... " in a box somewhere, but none of the others.
Thursday, Apr 30, 2020 : 01:11
Tom said ...
His wife;
Lucy Ella Fletcher Neatby
was a niece of Thomas Neatby.
Thursday, Apr 30, 2020 : 01:29
Tom said ...

It is possible these items are by Doughty too;

Particularly if this attribution from Google Books is correct;


Thursday, Apr 30, 2020 : 13:54
Joshua said ...
What was the reason behind PBCC's sudden interest in J.D's " The Book of Numbers in the New Testament"?
Friday, May 8, 2020 : 17:23
Tom said ...
I can't remember now, or even if I ever knew in the first place. It happens occasionally though when one of their chief's recommends something. In the following days/weeks Chapter 2 will then be inundated with requests to the second hand department for that item!
Saturday, May 9, 2020 : 17:10
Marty said ...

Job Doughty - January 1847 ~ 8th May 1922, age 75.   
   Birth: Farnsfield, Nottinghamshire, Barnsley.
   Marriage: April 1893 at Barnsley, Yorkshire, West Riding.
   Death: Ecclesall Bierlow, Yorkshire, England.
   Burial: Sheffield General Cemetery, South Yorkshire.
Father: Samuel Doughty - 1813 ~ 10th March 1888 **
Mother: Sarah Eldrett - 1812 ~ 12th January 1875 **
   Marriage on 3rd June 1851 at Ropsley, Lincoln, England.
Wife: Lucy Ella Fletcher Neatby - 16th May 1865 ~ 11th Apr. 1948. **
      Father: Joseph Mossforth Neatby -1830 ~ 1900.
      Mother: Eliza Shaw - 1835 ~ 1905.
   Edwin Mossforth - April 1895 ~ 1st March 1917. (WWI France)
   Mary Doughty - 13th April 1896 ~ 29th April 1896.
   Andrew Fletcher (M.G.J. Meyer) - 2nd July 1897 ~ 8th June 1975.
   Joseph Neatby (B. Bound) - 14th May 1900 ~ February 1985.
   Sarah Margaret (H.E. Cox) - 6th March 1902 ~ 22nd March 1994.
   Eleanor Shaw Doughty - 24th July 1903 ~ 24th March 1994.
   Madeline May Doughty - 22nd May 1905 ~ March 1971.
   Samuel Clifford (G.P. Brewer) - 28th March 1907 ~ 5th Oct. 1975.
   Henry (H. Crofts) - 30th Dec. 1839 ~ 9th Feb. 1897.
   Elizabeth Doughty - 1841 ~11th November 1848.
   Eliza Doughty - April 1850 ~ 22nd February 1877 **
   Annie Doughty - 1851 ~ 7th October 1889 **
   Ruth (W. Horn) - June 1853 ~ 1926
** Also buried at Sheffield General Cemetery.

From c1870 ~ 1876, he was a Circuit Secretary for "The Wesleyan Reform Union." See their magazine "Christian Words"
"Job Doughty, A Secretary of the Wesleyan Reform Union 1875, & Circuit Minister. Salem Chapel, Blucher Street, Barnsley. Bro. J. Doughty, of Carbrook, Sheffield Circuit, commenced his labours amongst us as a missionary deputation. He began his missionary tour by preaching two sermons at Bakewell. . . . From Bakewell, he moved on to the north part of the circuit, and held some first-rate meetings at Eyam, Foolow, Stony Middleton, and Grindleford Bridge. His second Sunday was spent at Youlgreave, . . . His third Sunday was spent at Stanton, and his fourth Sabbath at Elton. . . . Our Brother Doughty came among us as a servant of the Lord Jesus, and worked his way through the circuit, as Paul would have done, knowing nothing among the churches but Christ and Him crucified. His great forte was visiting and rousing up the people in their homes. Hundreds of families have been visited, hundreds of tracts have been distributed, and scores of prayers have been offered in the dwellings of the poor in the wild Peak district; and the seed thus sown will, we believe, rise into a great and immortal harvest. . . . Our prayer is that God may bless the mission, and that His servant (our friend and Brother Doughty) may wear many bright stars in his crown, won for Jesus, during his visit amongst us in the Peak of Derbyshire."
J. W. Toft, Circuit Secretary.

Saturday, Feb 18, 2023 : 05:42

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