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Timothy Stunt said ...

From the USA, Mr and Mrs Davies came in 1920 to Kerala, India where they engaged in missionary service for many years (W.T. Stunt et al., Turning the world upside down [Bath: Echoes of Service 1972] p. 120).  Timothy Stunt.

Saturday, Aug 1, 2020 : 05:28
Samuel said ...
Recently the collected writings of JMD have been issued in three volumes. see
Unfortunately however, I don't think they are currently available due to the (hopefully temporary) issues affecting the publisher, which ought to be resolved soon so that supplies may again be forthcoming. The website informs us that supplies of books are now exclusively through Ards Evangelical Bookshop
Wednesday, Aug 12, 2020 : 04:29
Marty said ...
John Matthias Davies was born into a Baptist family near Llandilo, Carmarthenshire, South Wales in 1895. Affectionally known as 'JMD', he studied at the Llandilo County School, and then entered Government service. He emigrated to the U.S.A. in June 1914.
He professed faith in Christ when 15, but through lack of spiritual help, his Christian life was not at all satisfactory. In the over-ruling providence of God, he was brought into contact with a graduate of the Moody Bible Institute during the winter of 1914-15, while staying on a farm in Potomac, near Missoula, Montana. That winter was a turning point in his life. He entered the Moody Institute in 1915, graduating in 1917, and afterwards attended Wheaton College. In 1920, along with his wife, he left to serve the Lord in Kerala State, South India. After acquiring proficiency in the language, he preached extensively through the area, both evangelizing and ministering at the many annual conventions, which are a special feature of the work in Kerala. He also spent some months in Madras, and has preached in Bombay, New Delhi and other cities.
While on furlough, he has ministered in all parts of the British Isles, in Canada and the U.S.A., in the Middle East, and in various parts of Africa. In 1962, he left India to engage in ministry wherever the doors opened.
Mr. Davies has for many years been a contributor to periodicals circulating in India, the British Isles and the U.S.A. He has written several books and booklets, the latest being, "Pentecost and Today", an examination of Tongues and Healing. His two short commentaries on 1 and 2 Corinthians written for the Evangelical Fellowship of India has been translated into three of the Indian vernaculars.
He was called into the Lord’s presence from Vancouver, Canada in 1990 at the age of 95.
Thursday, Dec 10, 2020 : 06:54 said ...
JMD lived next to our house in Trichur, Kerala, South India. He and his wife took care of the girls orphanage. But Brother JM Davis was always busy with his word ministry.
My father was one of the elders in the Brethren Assembly where JMD ministered the word. JMD was well-versed with the local vernacular, Malayalam. He was able to speak in that local language very well. I remember once we conducted a public meeting in the largest open theater available in Trichur town where JMD spoke in 'Malayalam' and another local brother interpreted into English for the sake of the audience who were not conversant in Malayalam language. Over thousand people attended the open air Gospel meeting.
He was instrumental in the development of many local assemblies in the state of Kerala, India. He was one of the favorite speakers in special organized assembly meetings where hundreds of believers and others used to attend.
As a teenager I had the privilege of attending his Bible studies on the book of Romans. He used to encourage young believers and equip them for the ministry of the word.
There are still many believers alive who give thanks to the LORD for Bro. JMD and his ministry among the believers.
Praise God for the missionaries like Mr. JM Davis who were instrumental in equipping many believers as teachers of the Word of God and building up Brethren Assemblies in different parts of India.
John Thankachan
Wednesday, Feb 23, 2022 : 00:14
David Taylor said ...
April 2023, Midhurst, Canada

Mr. Davies was in Calgary in 1964. He was preaching at various locations in the city.
My mother and father were hosting JM Davies at our home. I was four years old as I sat across the dinner table from Mr Davies. I can recall being struck by his appearance and unusually long eye brows.
My mother recalls noticing a very intense look on my tiny face. Shortly after I said, “Mr Davies, you are the funniest looking man I have ever seen!” Silence fell across the table - a profound hush. Then, Mr Davies roared with laughter. His response fortunately reduced the disciplinary action I received.
Tuesday, Apr 4, 2023 : 10:17
Syd said ...
Thanks for sharing this brethren. What precious and encouraging testimonies; remembering one who had lived and spoken the word of God: considering the end of their way of life - imitate their faith (Heb 13:7).
Tuesday, Apr 4, 2023 : 21:41
Syd said ...
I suppose, being not schooled in the "Brethren" tradition and serving in the post-JND era, some may say Mr Davies was not tainted by "Darbyism." In his book, "The Lord and the Churches" he writes: "In the early days of what has become known as the 'brethren movement' many of the leaders in England had come from the episcopal systems which recognizes the authority of the Archbishop of Canterbury. Episcopal authoritarianism was not abandoned, though to some extent it may have been modified, or changed as to its outward form by J. N. Darby and his associates. Later they formed what has become known as the exclusive brethren and arrogated to themselves the authority of cutting off assemblies which refused to accept their judgment."

JN Darby's writings are there for all to read and judge. Also his indefatigable service to the Lord over 60 years edified the saints immensely. Yet justly, he would have to bear some criticism. So JM Davies' writings seem to have benefited many and one would need to thank the Lord for his 70 years of faithful service. He didn't know and didn't seem to like Darby, but both, by grace, were servants of the Lord.
Tuesday, Apr 4, 2023 : 23:15
Isaac said ...
Sunday, Jul 23, 2023 : 00:30

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