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The New Birth

by James Cornwell

Tom said ...

Who was James Cornwell?

Which periodical does "The Ambassador" refer to?

Also do we know anything about "Crocker and Cooper" the publishers? Cooper I assume is "George Cooper", listed as a printer in Islington (e.g. on APC's pamphlets I recently uploaded). In the American Darby Letterboo, JND writes " I have sent to Mr. Crocker for publications in all .. ", is this the Mr Crocker of the partnership?

Saturday, Feb 8, 2020 : 21:40
Martin Arhelger said ...

Thank you for making this available, Tom!

As to Cornwell: On Mach 2nd 1870 G. V. Wigram wrote to JND: "Cornwell of Chelmsford works on steadily" (Letters of J.N. Darby, Supplement, Correspondence with G.V. Wigram, Volume 2, page 368). So it is perhaps the James Cornwell who was born 1830 in Kelvedon, Essex and died in Chelmsford 1876 - only 46 years old. Source:

As to the Ambassador: The full title was: "The Ambassador; or, tidings of grace and truth to all classes". I have only one volume: 8 (1875). I haven't yet uploaded it to . . I think Edwin Cross had a few volumes of this periodical.


Sunday, Feb 9, 2020 : 00:08
Tom said ...

Thanks Martin; this would indeed seem to be the correct attribution for J.C. - in the 1871 census he is listed as "Visitor of the sick & preacher of the Gospel". In his relatively short life it appears he had at least 2 wives and more than 10 children. On his death certifiate he is also listed as a "Preacher of the Gospel".

"The Ambassador's Hymn Book" (other copies also published by Crocker and Cooper), would look to be associated with this periodical too.

Edwin looks to have the Ambassador from 68,73,75,76 .. I will see if I can get hold of them.

Sunday, Feb 9, 2020 : 15:31
Martin Arhelger said ...

I have now uploaded "The Ambassador" 8: Page 1 and the second page of the index are missing. Principal contributors to this volume are: REK, T, WB and GC. The last one is probably George Cooper, the Printer, himself. The others I couldn't identify. There is an article by J. G. Bellett (about the woman taken in adultery, Joh 8) which I could not find among JGB's known writings.


Sunday, Feb 9, 2020 : 22:23

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