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John Burraston Bateman

Born: 15th July 1815
Died: January 1900

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Tom said ...

J.B. Bateman was another printer used by the Brethren from at least the early 1840s to the late 1860s (from tracts on this site).

A few things are said of him in this paper on The Missionary Reporter.

He seems to have began in the 1830s from premises at 109 Fetter Lane, where in City Directories he was described as a "Printer, bookseller, & stationer". Around 1842 he was at, 1 Eilm Place, Fetter Lane, then from 1844 to the late 50s, 1 Ivy Lane. After this, from around 1860, 22 Paternoster Row (an address later used by Stow Hill Bible and Tract Depot). Then from sometime in the late 1870s, 26 Paternoster square.

I don't know if he ever had a connection with the meetings, or why he was used by them as a printer. Given his involvement in Christian printing  endeavors, particularly those with William Yapp, one assumes he was a believer at least. Also one of his sons was given a very Biblical name, Silas!

Tuesday, Jul 24, 2018 : 04:28
Timothy Stunt said ...
John B Bateman (aged 46) is to be found in the 1861 census living in Hornsey/Highgate with his wife Emma (aged 42,) and three sons (John, 5; Christian,3; and Silas,1.) He is described as a 'Printer of tracts and school books. By 1871 he has moved to Islington with his wife and teenage boys where he describes himself as 'printer and publisher.' Ten years later (1881) he is at the same address ('printer, bookbinder &c') with his wife and 2nd son Christian who is a bookbinder. Ten years later (1891) JBB (aged 75) is a widower living at the same address in Islington where the Head of the household is now his son Christian ('compositor, printer') with his wife Louisa and their three children. JBB was born either at Leamington or Leominster in Herefordshire, but I cannot find him in the census for 1851 or 1841. I am fascinated to know where you found the middle name 'Burraston'. Timothy Stunt.
Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018 : 04:54
Tom said ...
Marriage, death, and christening record all have the middle name, which was his mother's maiden name. For 51 census, see record 1499/300/30. Not sure about 1841 either!
Wednesday, Jul 25, 2018 : 05:18

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