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John James Rouse

Born: 15th May 1869
Died: 8th May 1951

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Quite a lot of information on Wikipedia page;

Tom said ...

Wrote "Pioneer Work in Canada" - scan wanted.

I took his name from the wikipedia page, but maybe it is James John rather than John James.

Friday, Aug 31, 2018 : 19:38
Rodger said ...
"Pioneer Work..." is a true classic. I wish that it would be reprinted.
Friday, Aug 31, 2018 : 20:55
Tom said ...

Google do have a scan of it but it is still in copyright til 2021 so won't be able to get it made available until then sadly.

Friday, Aug 31, 2018 : 21:03
Michael Schneider said ...

The name "John James" is confirmed by BillionGraves.

Saturday, Sep 1, 2018 : 02:15
Marty said ...

John James Rouse - 15th May 1869 ~ 8th May 1951, age 82.
   Birth: Oro, Simcoe, Ontario, Canada.
   Marriage: 1st January 1898 at Ontario, Canada.
   Death: Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
   Burial: Burnsland Cemetery, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Wife: Eva Olive Williamene Russell - 3rd Aug.1879  ~ 12th Dec.1943, age 65.
   Esther Olive Gertrude (H. Etherington) - 7th Mar.1900 ~ 28th Mar.1972.
   Rhoda Mary Alberta Rouse - 1st August 1902 ~ 2nd June 1978.
   Gordon William Davis (E Stephenson) - 5th Nov.1903 ~ 1976.
   Evelyn Ruth Marian Rouse - April 1909 ~ 25th Dec.1911
   Marian Dora (W.D. Woodrow) - 1913 ~ 18th May 1980
Father: William Henry Rouse - 4th March 1841 ~ 16th March 1920.
Mother: Margaret Ewen Sleassor - 12th July 1845 ~ 20th March 1928.
   William Henry (C.C. Tourgis) - 10th Feb.1870 ~ 23rd Mar.1958.
   Alfred Anderson – 1872 ~ 1947.
   Annie (Nellie) Ellen (D.R. Scott) - 25th Mar.1873 ~ 15th Apr. 1948.
   Elizabeth Gertrude (R.B. Milnes) - 9th Mar.1875 ~ 23rd Apr.1961.
   Margaret Jane (J. Coles) - 17th July 1877 ~ 1968.
   Mary Agnes (F.G. Watson) - 13th Oct.1879 ~ 18th Mar. 1967.
   William Garfield (V.M. Merrick) - 21st Feb.1882 ~ 13th Mar.1954. 
   Alexander Earnest – 1885 ~ 1885.
   Newton Albert – 1885 ~ 1885.
   Sgt. Ewart Crystal Rouse - 15th Feb.1887 ~ 6th Mar.1953.

CALGARY, ALTA., CANADA—On May 8, [1951], our brother Mr. J. J.
Rouse passed quietly into the Lord's presence in his 82nd year, after
passing through a serious operation about two weeks previously. He
was born near Orillia, Ont., on May 15, 1869, spent his younger days on
the farm where he was saved when in his teens through Rom. 5: 6.
Some time later he decided to become a Congregational minister, and
with this in view went to High School in Barrie.
God spoke to him through the Word ministered by Mr. Donald
Munro, and he was led to take his place "outside the camp". Soon
after he was led to give all his time to the preaching of the Gospel,
and laboured for some years in the Muskoka district. In 1902, he
visited Alberta, and as a result of this visit moved out to Edmonton
to work in this part. He then moved to Vancouver, and later to Calgary
where he made his home until the Lord called him.
In his earlier years, he went into many new places with the Gospel,
of which he tells in his book "Pioneer Work in Canada". Of late years,
he devoted his time to moving among the assemblies from coast to
coast in U.S.A. and Canada, ministering the Word.
The funeral service was held on May 11, and the Word was preached
by Bro. Sydney Burge, an old fellow-labourer, shared by Bro. Graham
Swales of Midland, and at the grave by Bro. E. Crawford of Calgary.
“Truth and Tidings” 1951

Mrs. J. J. Rouse (nee Eva O. W. Russell)
of Calgary, Alberta, passed peacefully into
the presence of the Lord on December 12, 1943 
in her 65th year. Saved 47 years ago when A. E.
Hodgkinson and J. J. Rouse were holding
meetings in Marchmont, Ontario.
On December 7, 1898, she and Mr. Rouse
were united in marriage, consequently five
days before she passed away, they celebrated
their 45th wedding anniversary. In all the
years of Mr. Rouse's pioneer work she was
a real helpmate, being most considerate and
never once preventing him from going away
or while away, asking him to come home, so
that above many, he was able to be away in
the work of the Lord.
After her marriage to Mr. Rouse, they lived
in Bracebridge, Ontario, until 1901 when they
moved to Edmonton, Alberta. These were
real pioneer days. There was only one assembly
within four hundred miles of Edmonton.
It was humanly speaking, a strenuous
life and faith was often tried and God proven
faithful. Because of a breakdown in Mrs.
Rouse's health after two years residence in
Edmonton, they moved to Vancouver, B. C.
where they made their home, returning to
the prairies to reside in Calgary, Alberta
twenty-three years ago. Five years ago, an
operation for cancer became necessary. This
trouble recently returned, causing her home-going.
Mrs. Rouse was highly respected and loved
by all who knew her, especially in Calgary
where she had so many kind friends. She
leaves to mourn her loss beside her husband,
one son Gordon of Calgary, Rhoda at home,
Esther (Mrs. Etherington) of Victoria Harbor,
Ontario, and Marion (Mrs. W. D. Woodrow)
of Calgary. The funeral service, which
was largely attended by Christians from all
over Alberta, was conducted by Messers. S.
Burdge, James Paxton, and H. W. Gregory.
"Some from earth—from glory some—severed
only till He come."

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