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Chapter on J.N.D. in "Discovering Dispensationalism"

by Max S. Weremchuk

Tom said ...

The full book can be ordered off Amazon:

Also keep an eye out for the (I believe) soon to be published, "Becoming J.N.D.", also by Max,

Thursday, Nov 9, 2023 : 05:47
Syd said ...

Thank-you for this part—Max Weremchuk’s contribution is hugely profitable.

I have maintained that JN Darby is not the “father of dispensationalism.” Max is right that, “Darby did not create dispensationalism; it existed in many forms before his time.” Mr Darby would have rejected any such entitlement. As Max puts it—“Darby would not have viewed himself as the creator or inventor of anything, but rather as someone who, through God’s grace, was permitted to recover truths that the early Church in his opinion had known and held but lost through unfaithfulness.”

I was also pleased that the writer observed that—“Darby’s not so clearly defined scheme of dispensations may have been due to his dislike of going at things ‘systematically’: “I confess I find it more profitable to learn from Scripture, than to frame a system.” CW, 33:9. Though he writes repeatedly of dispensations he does not go into something like ‘dispensationalism.’”

The systematization of the “dispensations”—dispensationalism—is becoming a babelesque confusion in the minds of many Christians simply seeking the right and proper Scriptural teaching of the dispensations—just to learn profitably from Scripture as Darby said.

Sunday, Nov 12, 2023 : 02:56
cg said ...
Yes, interesting that in one of the term's earliest uses, Philip Mauro uses "dispensationalism" to distinguish the teaching of the Scofield Bible from that of the early brethren, Darby included. In Mauro's mind, Darby was not a teacher of "dispensationalism," but Scofield was.
Sunday, Nov 12, 2023 : 17:30

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