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16th December 2017

Original Sources of JND's Collected Writings - Draft 2

by J.N. Darby

Timothy Stunt said ...
This is very useful but what is its provenance? Who compiled it and when? Timothy Stunt
Saturday, Dec 16, 2017 : 18:02
samko said ...
Has anybody determined if this is identical information to that published by the Bible and Gospel Trust in their book "RB023 Dates of J.N. Darbys Collected Writings £6.00" (found at , or is it an independent effort by some other group? --It would be so great if people who do such detailed work would strengthen the confidence of others in their work by adhering even a little to scholarly conventions.
Sunday, Dec 17, 2017 : 13:52
Tom said ...
I imagine that Greg has just compiled that himself over the years for his personal use. I haven't seen the PBCC item .. if anyone has it they might be able to help us there.
Sunday, Dec 17, 2017 : 23:21
Samko said ...
Thanks Tom. The name you gave is sufficient guarantee !
Monday, Dec 18, 2017 : 02:32
Greg said ...
Apologies for the absence of scholarly convention.
* It was indeed originally intended just for my personal use.
* It's not all my own work so I dare not claim credit.
* It's a partial output from a slightly more detailed spreadsheet.
* The PBCC publication is perhaps more thorough but not as detailed. Neither are without error and mine is still a work in progress for which I welcome corrections or additions.

This might belong to another conversation thread, but I'm particularly interested in trying to understand why WK did not include much of JND's material in the Collected Writings. Beyond the three volumes of "Additional Writings" published by PTP, I have collated over 600 pages (A5 paper, 12 point font) not in the Collected Writings. 20% of this material comes from The Bible Treasury, edited by WK; the greater proportion comes from Words of Truth (edited by FGP and in later years co-edited by JAT), known to WK. (He referred to it in one of his letters as as "inferior miscellany"!)

Then on top of this there's about 500 pages of material in French (a series of meditations published in Le Messager Evangelique - available on the Bibliquest website), most of which has not been translated into English. So much of JND originally appeared in French and has been translated. Why not this?

And let's not forget his Italian. Translated into English from Il Dispensatore, WK included Mark, Acts, Galatians and James in the Collected Writings - but John's Gospel (which appeared serially in Words of Truth from 1873 to 1875) is missing. Why? Doubtless there's other Italian material never yet translated.

Kelly was anything but careless, and yet I just can't see a pattern in what he included and what he omitted. Perhaps I'm looking for a non-existent pattern and it's simply that his exemplary filing system just wasn't perfect. Or perhaps the pressure of time, the emotional toll taken by divisions, or a combination of multiple factors, resulted in his work being left incomplete.
Monday, Dec 18, 2017 : 08:07

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