Brethren Archive
The Year 1976

The Eschatology of John Nelson Darby

by John Percy Ward

320 pages.

This item is still under copyright until (unknown) so can not be published at the present time. Snippets may appear on the search page.

Syd said ...
Tom, is this item then available on request, from this website or then from whom? Dissertations are generally available from universities for research. I presume that the author is the holder of the copyright. Do you know if he has any objection to it being available here for personal use?
Tuesday, Aug 16, 2022 : 20:44
Tom said ...
Hi Syd,
The message is just a generic one .. I can't find anything else about this online, nor do I know anything about the author, who yes would be the copyright holder. Usually as you suggest, you can find dissotations on a uni website too, in which case I would be happy to make this downloadable, but without that, it's not really possible to.
best, Tom
Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022 : 03:44
Syd said ...
Hi Tom. Thanks. I don't want to burden you with this. Do you have contact with Timothy Grass? In his thesis "The Church's Ruin and Restoration" (1997) he lists Ward's thesis (above) in his bibliography. He may have downloaded it, but it would still of course go the author's approval for posting. Ward's thesis was more than 45 years ago! Is he still alive?
Wednesday, Aug 17, 2022 : 21:43
Roger Holden said ...
This thesis is available for direct download at Just type the title in the search box and you will find it. Like all these things, you will have to create a login before you down load it.
Friday, Aug 19, 2022 : 05:14
Madhu Babu said ...
Thanks Roger, that link worked for me.
Friday, Apr 28, 2023 : 17:43

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