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The Year 1933

Bible Study Notes on the Book of The Acts

by K. I. Best

Tom said ...
Anyone know who K.I.B. was?
Tuesday, Feb 4, 2020 : 20:21
Martin Arhelger said ...
It is K. I. Best, who also wrote "Bible Study Notes on the Four Gospels", see "Words of Help" 26 (1937), p. 317. This article also proves that the author was a sister ("Miss Best"). See also Bible Monthly 17 (1937), p. 69 where the same book on the gospels is mentioned and added: "In 1933, a volume of Notes on the Book of the Acts was published. Now the companion volume on the Four Gospels appears, by the same author."
Tuesday, Feb 4, 2020 : 21:01
Tom said ...
Great, thanks. Can anyone shed more light on who Miss Best was? I guess there are people still alive, like John Weston, who may have known her.
Tuesday, Feb 4, 2020 : 23:08

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