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Montague Goodman

Born: 6th May 1875
Died: 31st October 1958


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Pirliis said ...
Omistan Montague Goodmanin kirjoittaman kirjan The worldover book for boys, vapaasti käännettynä, Kirja koko maailman pojille. Se on englanninkielinen teos painettu 1946. Ensimmäinen painos vuonna 1937. Kirja puuttui artikkelin listalta.
Monday, Mar 30, 2020 : 18:08
Tom said ...
I don't have a scan of that one yet.
Monday, Mar 30, 2020 : 18:21
Marty said ...
From "The Harvester" Oct. 1977.
"20th September, 1957. Two cars going north on
the narrow A447 through Leicestershire: no Ml.
One car 'outran' the other: it was the driving of
Montague Goodman who 'driveth furiously' . His
passenger, Percy Ruoff. In the other, the Editor of
The Witness, with Redenham Guyatt, and a Guernsey
motor factor and a secretarial assistant. They
were on their way to the first Swanwick Conference
of Brethren."
Sunday, Aug 2, 2020 : 02:29

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