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Philip Henry Gosse

Born: 6th April 1810
Died: 23rd August 1888

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Tom said ...

Other books that would be particularly interesting to get;

A Memorial of the Last Days on Earth of Emily Gosse. By her husband
Gosse's Narrative Tracts. [A collection of religious tracts by Emily and Philip Henry Gosse.].    
Gosse's Gospel Tracts.
Narrative tracts. By Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Gosse.

The above 4 are all in the British Library, so possible to obtain sometime. There are some other books he wrote on scriptural subjects, e.g. those listed in the cba catalouge.

Sunday, Dec 23, 2018 : 22:27
Tom said ...
Monday, Dec 24, 2018 : 00:18
Tom said ...

His personal collection seems to have ended up at Leeds University;

Monday, Dec 24, 2018 : 00:33
Tom said ...
Monday, Dec 24, 2018 : 00:35
Timothy Stunt said ...

My essay,'Brethren or Philistine' in BAHN Review ii (2000) 13-16 (accessible at provides details of several works (especially essays by Robert Boyd and Douglas Wertheimer) that established, over forty years ago, how inaccurate are some of the details in Edmund Gosse's Father and Son which certainly is a brilliant and entertaining piece of writing.   I agree with Tom that it is a 'real must read' but it needs to be used with caution as a source of information about Brethren.  Timothy Stunt

Monday, Dec 24, 2018 : 03:02

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