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Amy Jane Toulmin

Born: 28th March 1814
Died: 28th March 1895
Appears in Pridham / Borlase / Tregelles / Newton / Lloyd / Howard / Biggs Family Tree

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

  • Manuscripts:
    • Letter Dated Dec 15th 1848   (Login Required)  (15th Dec 1848)
    • Letter Dated Dec 25th 1848   (Login Required)  (25th Dec 1848)

Tom said ...
"After her mother's death in 1823, Amy Jane was adopted by her mother's maternal cousin Anna Newton, in whose home she was effectively an adopted (sixteen years younger) sister of BWN. Explained more fully in The Elusive Quest..."

Amy Toulmin notes were prominent in the Plymouth controversy.
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