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Richard Boheme Cave

Born: 27th January 1845
Died: 3rd January 1924

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Tom said ...
Possibly Richard Boheme Cave
Saturday, Jul 4, 2020 : 17:18
Timothy Stunt said ...
Tom's conjecture is a good one. In the Census of 1891 Richard Boheme Cave is described as 'wax Chandler' and 'preacher'. On page 113 of 'Shadows of Heavenly Things' the author refers to his 'candle business'. Timothy Stunt
Sunday, Jul 5, 2020 : 04:17
Tom said ...
Well spotted I missed that .. though I had it in mind it was more likely to be his son Richard b1873 as he was living in Guernsey which is mentioned many times in the Real Life section at the end of the book. Can't see evidence the father was on Guernsey but it is possible.
Sunday, Jul 5, 2020 : 04:22
Timothy Stunt said ...
Five years in Guernsey might explain the absence of his name in the 1901 census though he is back in Wandsworth by 1911. Timothy Stunt
Sunday, Jul 5, 2020 : 04:36
Tom said ...
Yes it says p109 he lived there 5 years, I thought it was longer but evidently not. Think we are settled on identity of RBC then.
Sunday, Jul 5, 2020 : 05:33

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