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Corinth and Sects

by Richard Holden

André said ...
Thanks to Martin Arhelger who found it. It is from "Sound Words" Volume 9, 1878. (Part 1) (Part 2)
Sunday, Oct 6, 2019 : 04:36
André said ...
"Divine, or, Sectarian, Ground

Such is the difference between divine and sectarian ground. Divine ground includes all that God has appointed to include, viz., all true children of God who are not mixed up with heretical doctrine (2 John) , or defiled by unholy living (1 Cor. 5). It excludes all who are not God's children, and also such of His children as may contaminate themselves with evil — doctrinal or moral.

Sectarian ground includes all whom man chooses to include, to wit, those who agree to accept the peculiar tenets or order: it excludes all who decline to accept of these. (Not perhaps, from occasional fellowship, but from full and acknowledged fellowship). The degree in which God's own marks for communion are respected may vary. Some might insist on having in only true children of God who accepted the tenets, others might admit all accepting these, without discrimination; but in every case where sectarian ground is taken up, not the Christianity, pure and simple, of the associates, but the agreement in the principles of the sect, or acceptance of its "standards" is the ground of gathering, association, or union."

Simply as that :)
Sunday, Oct 6, 2019 : 21:36

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