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The Arithmetic of Heaven

by Robert Dougall Johnston

Dafydd said ...
The Arithmetic of Heaven.
I am 80 - a copy of this edition of this book came into my possession decades ago.
In my hand at the moment !
Do you know the date of the printing of this edition.
Do you know the date of the printing of a 'first' edition ?

I trust that your archive will be a great blessing in these days - encouraging us to discover what scripture says through the spectacles of Gods word, rather than the spectacles of men, however erudite.

thank you


Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019 : 01:21
Tom said ...
Wednesday, Feb 27, 2019 : 03:57
Jim Walsh said ...
Every time I try to download this book I am directed to the main page. Could you tell me what I may be doing wrong.
Monday, Apr 4, 2022 : 02:29

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