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Tom said ...

I understand he was a worker in Brazil; more can be found about him here:  (Chrome should offer to Auto-Translate the page).

I put up a photo of H D'A Champney the other day, one of which was with an 'Eric McNair' who I think is a nephew. 

Monday, Oct 7, 2019 : 16:47
Pedro Feitoza said ...
Yes, he was. McNair moved to Rio de Janeiro in 1896 and had a long career in the country. He established a congregation in one of Brazil's earliest favelas at the Livramento Hill in Rio alongside a Brazilian convert called Daniel Faria. McNair also ran a publishing house based in Rio that operated at transnational level, with branches in Lisbon and Madeira. I'm thrilled to have found this website! Is it related to the Brethren archive in Manchester?
Tuesday, Jun 22, 2021 : 10:45
Tom said ...
Hi Pedro .. no, not associated with Msnchester.
Wednesday, Jun 23, 2021 : 13:47
Pedro Feitoza said ...
Thanks for the clarification, Tom. This website is a great resource for scholars studying the Brethren
Monday, Jul 5, 2021 : 22:55
Oliver Marshall said ...
I'm confused about McNair and I wonder whether others can put me straight....

There seem to be two missionaries with overlapping names:

There's Stuart E. McNair (born Brighton, 1867; died Teresópolis, 1959) who, after many years in Lisbon, seemed to have worked as an independent missionary in Brazil. There's a photo of this McNair in "Round South America" but he looks very different from the photo reproduced on this page.

Then there's Arthur Stuart McNairn [note the final "n" in the surname] (born Edinburgh, 1873; died London, 1953). I believe this McNairn was much more of a prolific author than his near-namesake. At some point he settled in Teresópolis where he and his sister established the Casa Editora Evangelica.

Did McNair and McNairn collaborate? Or perhaps I'm wrong in attributing the publishing house to McNairn rather than McNair....

Thanks for any help that you – Tom, Pedro or someone else – might be able to provide!

Thursday, Jun 9, 2022 : 22:07
Jonathan said ...

I would definitely liken the photo of McNair from 'Round South America' to the two shown above - just a younger vintage IMHO

Friday, Jun 10, 2022 : 23:26
Sinésio said ...
Dear. I am from Brazil. I can confirm that the photos and data above correspond to Stuart Edmund McNair (born Brighton, 1867; died Teresópolis, Brazil, 1959).
I am the author of the blog Movimento dos Irmãos (brothers movement)

Sunday, Sep 18, 2022 : 06:33
Sinésio said ...
Mr. McNair, before coming to Brazil, attended a Bible study with William J. Lowe at Colchester, and one with J. N. Darby at Croydon in 1882.
In his youth, he attended F.E. Raven in Greenwich and can attend prayer meetings with J.B. Stoney in Bredford.
When working in Ireland, he visited Mr. Mackintosh and told him of her desire to be a missionary in South America, and received a prayer from him asking for the Lord's blessing on future service.
Sunday, Sep 18, 2022 : 06:42
Irma said ...
“At the first Glanton Young People’s Conference, held in 1924 at High Leigh,
Stuart E. McNair gave an address on the Lord’s work in Brazil.”
Tuesday, Sep 20, 2022 : 00:46

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