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Thomas Weston

Born: 1829
Died: 9th May 1901

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Marty said ...
Is this Thomas Weston Sr. or Jr. (2nd son)
Sr. died on 9th May 1901
And who is T. R. Weston?
From CBA:
W. (T. ) First principles in closing days... Reprint with omissions of a pamphlet bearing the initials T.W. and written in or about the year 1891. Reprinted. [London,] C.A.Hammond, 1942. 8p.
W. (T. ) Streams of living water for the children of God. [Compiled by] (T.W.) London, G.Morrish, [n.d.] vi+208p.

WESTON (T R ) Bethesda's principles of Christian fellowship, and the results. [Signed "T.R.W.," i.e. T.R.Weston.] (Bristol, J.E.Haddrell,) [n.d.]. 12p.
WESTON (T R ) [Circular letter commencing] "To the brethren in the Lord whom it concerns," [criticising a letter commencing with the same words issued by the Plainfield assembly in which the conduct of Christians meeting in Bethesda Chapel, Bristol, had been condoned.] (London, T.Weston,) [?1907]. 4p.With address of author amended by rubber stamp.
WESTON (T R ) Gathered to Christ's name; or, the new test sectarian: being letters to brethren in Dublin...Second edition. Dublin, T.Weston, 1883. 32p. Xerox copy. WESTON (T R ) How the leaven has wrought. (Dublin, T.Weston, 1894.) 8p. 8". (G59820) Personal names entered in manuscript. 172
WESTON (T R ) How the leaven has wrought. (Second edition, with appendix.) (Dublin, T.Weston, 1894.) 12p.
WESTON (T R ) [Letter dated April 7th, 1897 and commencing ] "Dear brother in the Lord," [concerning W.H. Bennet's remarks on "How the leaven has wrought."] (London, T.W., 1897.) [4]p.
WESTON (T R ) Some remarks on Mr. J.C.B(ayly)'s letter, with a few facts. [Marked]("For private circulation only.") (Thornton Heath, the writer, 1900.) 8p.
Thursday, Feb 21, 2019 : 06:27
Tom said ...
I assume these items belong to Thomas Weston Sr .. we need a birth date so I could trace him properly.
T.R. Weston was listed as a correspondent in Bristol in 1874 so I assume he was of same generation?
Unless I'm confused, I thought John Weston, who lives not far from me, and is well into his nineties, is a descendent.
Saturday, Mar 16, 2019 : 22:30
Tom said ...

This extract from "The Wheel and Cycling Trade Review, Volume 3, 1889" seems to be the T.R. Weston whose pamphlets are listed above. I don't know at the moment how he relates to Thomas Weston the publisher though.


Tuesday, Mar 19, 2019 : 16:30

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