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(Lady Powerscourt) Theodosia Anne Howard

Born: 1800
Died: 31st December 1836

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Kyle Yoakum said ...
I have been unable to find the cause of death of Lady Powerscourt. She died at the young age of 36. Anyone have any information on cause of death?
Sunday, Aug 27, 2023 : 09:58
Marty said ...
Monday, Aug 28, 2023 : 02:13
Kyle yoakum said ...
Thanks, Marty. That’s an amazing find. Today I found a reference in Burnham’s “A Story of Conflict” page 134 where it says Lady Powerscourt died of Spanish fever where it referenced page 306 of Fry MS.
Monday, Aug 28, 2023 : 05:10
Kyle Yoakum said ...
Marty, I looked at the FRY MS. reference provided Burnham’s book, but it only gives an account of Newton saying he had a bad case of Spanish fever in 1836, no mention of Lady Powerscourt. Maybe the author just made an inference, though it is stated as fact. However, the good reference you provided says she died suddenly from scarlet fever. No source was provided, though. But this does bring some closure to my inquiry. Thanks again.
Monday, Aug 28, 2023 : 08:01

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