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The Tabernacle, the Temple and the Offerings

by Thomas Newberry

Myles Frederick said ...
all blank pages
Wednesday, Jun 8, 2022 : 06:40
Dirk said ...
I wonder which browser you all use - neither of all the items which should be all blank are really all blank. You should test Chrome - it works with this browser.
Wednesday, Jun 8, 2022 : 20:23
Eric Pement said ...
In Firefox v109, after downloading is complete and the PDF is loaded into the browser, all the pages appear to be blank except the first page. However, if the file is saved to disk and then viewed with a dedicated PDF reader such as Qoppa PDF Studio, full text with color illustrations (page 13) will appear.

In this PDF, pages 3-5 were scanned twice, duplicated on pages 6-9. Pages 4-5 and 8-9 are blank.
Friday, Jan 27, 2023 : 04:36
Eric Pement said ...
Correction: Pages 3-6 were scanned twice, duplicated on pages 7-10.
Friday, Jan 27, 2023 : 04:38

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