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Died: Unknown

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The last of the early Brethren to come to Demerara was Thomas Tweedy who had seceded from the Church oflreland in the early 1830s soon after his graduation from Trinity College, Dublin, in 1833. As a roving evangelist in Ireland he had decided that missionary work was his vocation, but partly on account ofill health and perhaps also because of discouragement from his family he remained in Ireland for some years. It was only in 1842 that he set out for Demerara where he arrived after 'a fine passage' of only 33 days. How effective was Tweedy's work as a missionary is hard to say, as his health was, at the best of times, fragile and the only account we have ofhis life is written by one who was not particularly interested in the spiritual side of his work. He married a local coloured lady, Elizabeth Thomas by whom he had two children. Henry died when still young, while Elizabeth became the caretaker of the chapel in Georgetown.

From "Leonard Strong: the Motives and Experiencesof Early Missionary Work in British Guiana" by Timothy Stunt



Martin Arhelger said ...

There are several hints at Thomas Tweedy in J. N. Darby’s Letters Supplement (Correspondence with G. V. Wigram, vol. 1).

Michael Forbes Tweedie (1860-1938) wrote the book ”The history of the Tweedie, or Tweedy, family: a record of Scottish lowland life & character“ which mentions „our“ Thomas Tweedy on page 183. According to him Thomas Tweedy was born in 1809, was „Clerk in Holy Orders“ and died 1850 in Demerara. He was married 1845 with Elizabeth Thomas. Their issue:

(a) Mary Elizabeth.

(b) Henry Tweedy, died young.

According to another book (page 323) Thomas Tweedy died in George Town (Demerara) on December 7th 1850.


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