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Thomas Willey

Born: 14th January 1846
Died: 1st October 1930
Appears in Hartridge / Willey / Löwen / Brockhaus Family Tree

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A Telegraph Engineer and then later a Doctor.

From "The History of the Little Flock Hymn-Book" by Frank Wallace 

In 1883, G. Morrish published a tune book for use with the 1881 Revison, entitled Melodies and Chants, adapted to “Hymns for the 'Little Flock.'” compiled by Dr Thomas Willey (1847–1930). It contained five tunes composed by the compiler himself, Crucifixion, Deliverance, Light Divine, Remembrance, and The Master's Return.
The collection was later enlarged and was issued as Melodies and Chants, adapted to “Hymns for the Little Flock.” as Revised 1881. With Supplement added. It was issued in a brown hardcover and consequently became known as 'Brown Willey'. 

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