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Reverend Frederic Fitzjohn Trench

Born: 10th October 1808
Died: 25th June 1859
Appears in Trench / Anderson / Grimston Family Tree

Birth Location
Queens County, Ireland
Death Location
Staplestown, Carlow, Co Carlow, Ireland
Marriage (1838)
Elizabeth Maconchy ,

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

Rector at Staplestown, County Carlow, Ireland, formerly an Indian cavalry officer.

Epitaph: "Sacred to the Memory of the Revd FREDERIC FITZJOHN TRENCH Rector of Staplestown who departed this life suddenly in the 51st year of his age at the Rectory on the 25th day of June 1859. He has been ten years Rector of Carlow and only ten months Rector of this parish. He was a faithful Minister of Christ and was loved and respected by all who knew him. He had just chosen as a text for his sermon to be preached the next day those striking words "Be ye also patient, stablish your hearts, for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh’ James 5. 7, 8. ‘He was not for God took him’ Gen. 5.24. Mark 13.33."

Samuel said ...
Tom, are you able to fit in other important Trench clan members such as Rev Frederick Fitzwilliam Trench who was born on 11 March 1799? He was the son of William Trench and Sarah Elizabeth Frances Henrietta Ricarda Moore. He married Louisa Alice Ward, daughter of Rt. Hon. Robert Ward, on 16 February 1835. He attended the 1831 Powerscourt readings and worked for a time evangelising with JND. Then there is the last Archbishop of Tuam, Le Poer Trench, and Richard C Trench the Archbishop of Dublin, also W Steuart Trench, the author of "Realities of Irish Life" illustrated by his son J Townsend Trench. J Townsend Trench was the architect of the beautiful Glenveagh Castle Co. Donegal --said to be inspired by Balmoral Castle, and now part of one of Ireland's National Parks.
Wednesday, Jul 31, 2019 : 03:09
Marty said ...

Frederic FitzJohn Trench
10th October 1808 ~ 25th June 1859, age 50.

Father:  John Trench - 1776 ~ 20th March 1858.
Mother:  Jean Currie ~ d. 26th December 1861.
     Married:  on 30th July 1807.
Wife:  Elizabeth Maconchy - 1817 ~ 24th February 1902.     
     Married on 6th April 1838.
  James Currie ~ 1809 ~1832.  Unmarried.
  Lucy Henrietta ~ 11th August 1813 ~ 17th June 1894, age 80.
     Married:  William Wellesley Pole Pigott on 13th November 1844.
  Francis Arthur ~ 11th January 1816 ~ 14th August 1868, age 52.
     Married:  Emily Littledale on 27th January 1848.
  John Edmund ~ 6th October 1818 ~ 15th October 1860, age 42.
     Married:  Anne Gildea on 2nd April 1856.
  Sophia Mary ~ 1821 ~ 23rd July 1899.  Unmarried.
  John Alfred ~ 5th February 1839 ~ 28th March 1922, age 83.
     Married:  Janetta Wilbraham Taylor on 25th May 1866.
  William Wallace ~ 9th August 1840 ~ 12th February 1883, age 42.
     Married:  Elizabeth French Allin on 14th July 1864.
     Married:  Catherine Sabine Sulivan on 21st April 1870.
  George Frederick ~ 6th August 1841 ~ 11th November 1915, age 74.
     Married:  Frances Charlotte Talbot-Crosbie on 25th May 1868.
     Married:  Edith Anderson on 7th September 1910.
     (She was the daughter of Sir Samuel Lee Anderson).
  Agnes Deborah ~ 1846 ~ 23rd November 1895.
     Married:  John Chaigneau Colvill on 30th April 1872.
  James Currie ~ 24th June 1848 ~ 25th January 1936, age 87.
     Married:  Annie Gertrude Haughton on 6th March 1883.
  Arthur Francis ~ 25th March 1849 ~ June 1896, age 47.
  Jean Helen Georgina ~ 1853 ~ 17th December 1934.
     Married:  Emil Moritz von Bernus on 28th May 1874.

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