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Zion and Jerusalem, or divine purpose and faith's resource, being the substance of an address on Psalm 137

by W. R. P.

Tom said ...
Monday, Feb 10, 2020 : 02:41
Martin Arhelger said ...

There was a W. R. Phare who is mentioned on the title of "Visit to Alnwick", see here: The address "Heworth, Blackborough Road, Redhill" might help to get more information on him. He is also mentioned as author in the Stow-Hill-edition of "Words of Truth", vol. 1 (1933), p. 116 and in the same magazine, vol. 3 (1935), p. 294. But I am not sure that this is the W. R. P. we are looking for.


Monday, Feb 10, 2020 : 17:07
Tom said ...
I would imagine that is correct. Obviously he must have been well known so unlikely they would have used the same initials for another writer.
Monday, Feb 10, 2020 : 18:55

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