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Walter Potter

Born: 31st August 1847
Died: 16th February 1937

Marriage (1870)
Marie Endresdottir Kloster (1845-1932) ,
Other Fact (1866)
Arrival in USA , Chicago
Death Location
Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
Burial (1937)
Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum in Chicago, USA
Birth Location
Chelmsford, Essex, England

Intro, Biographical Information, Notes etc:

Father: John Potter
Mother: Eliza Potter
Children: 2 sons, 6 daughters
Picture of grave

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    • A Letter on the Teaching of F.E. Raven   (Login Required)  (24 pp)

Timothy Stunt said ...
Respected fellow enquirers,
can anyone help me with the following enquiry? In JND's "Narrative of the Facts" he mentions a number of Brethren who are easily recognised; these include Sir A[lexander] C[ampbell], Mr H[arris], Mr S[oltau], Mr McA[adam], Mr C[lulo]w and several others but he also mentions a Mr P[otte]r who is also named (in full) by Neatby in his "History" but about whom I can discover little else. Alluding to some of the events recounted in JND's "Narrative", J.E. Howard in 1866 also mentions Potter in his "Caution against the Darbytes" where he refers to him as "Mr L. Potter". Can anyone tell me what Mr Potter's initial 'L' stood for? It is conceivable that he was related to Walter Potter though I know of nothing to connect Walter P to Plymouth in the1840s. Timothy Stunt
Saturday, Oct 7, 2023 : 02:57
D said ...
Found the following brief note re Walter Potter on the BTP website. If WP was born in 1847 he would have been under 20 years of age when he emigrated to America and worked as a cobbler in Chicago. D

"Mr. Walter Potter wrote very little, most of his ministry being preserved through those who took addresses or notes of addresses in shorthand and through personal letters to saints in other places. Our late sister, Miss Grace Campbell of Iowa Falls, Iowa, was much used of the Lord in the taking of notes of general meetings, and in this way much of his ministry has been preserved for blessing to others.
He had the rare but God-given ability to detect the spiritual needs of those who came in contact with him, speaking a word in season, a word of exhortation, or a word of correction. All was done in a spirit of humility, but also with sternness on occasion.
My first memory of him was in our home (where he often visited) at about the age of four. He loved children and to me. was "Grandpa Potter." In later and more mature years, one learned to value the spiritual wisdom of a beloved brother in the Lord.
Mr. Potter was brought to know the Lord early in life, and as a young man worked at his bench as a cobbler. As he worked, he had his Bible with him, his constant companion. Thus, he acquired an intimate knowledge of the Word of God and of Him who is its Subject and Object. His knowledge of the Word and his ability to apply it practically were early recognized by his brethren. Due to feeble health, which stayed with him for the rest of his life, he was persuaded to visit England, where he spent some little time in Mr. Darby's company. On returning to this country, he devoted his full time in the service of his Lord."
"Remember your leaders who have spoken to you the word of God; and considering the issue of their conversation, imitate their faith." (JND Trans.) Hebrews 13:7.
M. Wilbur Smith
Saturday, Oct 7, 2023 : 23:00

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